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Add or Delete a Page

Adding and removing pages is an essential action when building out pages in the CMS. However in many cases, your main content page has already been created for you. Most content authors do not have the permission to create new pages.

Add a Page

  1. In the Site Admin left-hand Navigation pane, click to highlight the page icon for your main content page. Make sure you first highlight the page one level above where you want to add the page.
  2. In the right-hand Site Admin Details pane, click the New... menu (by selecting the arrow next to the word "New..."), and select New Page. The Create Page window will open.
  3. In the Title field, select a 2 to 3 word title (max 4 words) that will be displayed in the published page's browser title, main page title and page navigation.
  4. The Name field refers to the URL of the new page. Leave this field blank; the CMS will automatically generate a page URL based on the page title previously entered.
  5. Click on the template you wish to use to determine the basic layout of your content page (see Choosing a Template for more information). You will not be able to switch templates after a page has been created.
  6. Click the Create button.
  7. You will be returned to the author environment. The new page will now be displayed in both the Navigation pane and listed in the Details pane.
Add a new page screenshot

The example of adding a new page

Screenshot of creating a new page in a pop up

Example of creating a new page in the "Create Page" component with fields for Page Title, Page Name, and Page Template options.

Delete a Page

If a page is no longer necessary and you do not wish to maintain it for the future, you may delete it from the repository by doing the following:

  1. In the Site Admin left-hand Navigation pane, click to highlight the parent page of the child page you wish to delete.
  2. From within the Details pane, you'll see the child pages listed. Click on the page name to select.
  3. If the page has been activated, you must click the Deactivate button to first deactivate the page before you may delete it (if the page is not activated, you may skip this step).
  4. Right-click on the page name and select Delete. A dialog window will open to confirm your action.
  5. Click Yes to delete the page, or No to cancel the request.

NOTE: The delete action cannot be undone! 

While you can also delete a currently open page by selecting Delete Page in the Page tab of the Sidekick, we recommend using the steps above to delete a page.

IMPORTANT: Deleting a parent page will also delete all associated child pages!

How To Use the CMS


Deactivate a Page

Once a page is activated, it is visible to the world. However, if you no longer wish the page to be visible, but want to archive it for possible future use, you should deactivate the page.

In the left-hand side Navigation pane, click to highlight the parent page (the root) of the page you wish to deactivate.

From within the right-hand side Details pane, you'll see the child pages listed. Click on the page title to select, then right-click and select Deactivate. You may also click on the Deactivate button in the Action pane.

Screenshot of deactivating page in one dropdown

Example of deactivating page in a dropdown when you right-click and select Deactivate.

Screenshot of deactivating page in another dropdown.

Example of deactivating page by clicking a dropdown in the Action pane.

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