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Activate a Page

When you activate a page, you are publishing it to the public web server.

Activation Cycle

When an Author activates a page, a notification will be sent to the Approver for the unit to alert them that a page is ready to be published.

When an Approver activates a page, the page is published to the Web server.

Important Note: Pages you create in the CMS Authoring Environment are NOT visible to the public until you activate them!

There are two ways to activate a page.

1) Activate a page in the Site Admin Console:

  1. In the left-side Navigation pane, click to highlight the parent page (the root) of the page you want to activate.
  2. From within the right-hand Details pane, you'll see the child pages listed. Click on the page you wish to activate and then click the Activate button displayed in the Action pane just above the list of child pages.

Note, there is no dialog box to confirm the change.

If you activate a page in error, repeat the steps above, but instead, select the option to "Deactivate".

Or, alternately, from within the right-hand Details pane, you may click on the page title to select the page and then click the Activate button.

Alternatively, you can right-click on the page while in Site Admin view and then select Activate.

Activate in Site Admin Console

You may need to hit the Refresh button if you don't automatically see a change in the page status.

2) Activate a page in Edit mode:

  1. Select the Page tab of the Sidekick.
  2. Click the Activate Page button. A notification window will appear to confirm the page activation.
Screenshot of activate page button in Sidekick

The example of how to activate a page in Edit mode by using Sidekick.

How To Use the CMS


Preview Status

You may preview your page (as it will be seen by site viewers after you make your changes) while in Edit mode by selecting the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the Sidekick. The Sidekick is then minimized and you will need to refresh your browser to see how the page looks. To return to Edit mode, click on the arrow icon in the minimized Sidekick.

Screenshot of the Preview mode

Example of the Preview button in the Sidekick.

Publication Status

The colors next to pages listed in the Authoring Environment's Details pane indicate publication status:

Green - Publication was successful. Content is published.

Yellow - Publication is pending. Confirmation of publication has not yet been received by the system.

Red - Page deactivated. Content is no longer on the live site.

Blue - The page was modified. Content has been modified, but not yet activated.

No color - The page is unmodified. Content has never been published or no changes have been made since last published.

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