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Summary List

The Summary List component allows CMS Authors the ability to create lists of related policies and pull content from a unit's policy repository.

When to use it?

To provide links to related policies within your organization.

Where to use it?

May be used in 2- or 3-column spaces.

How to use it?

  1. Navigate to and open the desired page.
  2. Add a component.
  3. Drag and drop the Summary List component to the desired location. By default, you will see the text, "There are no items or Policy Folder is not valid." displayed.
  4. Double-click to open the Summary List component dialog window.
  5. In the List Type tab, by default, the Summary List Items Type "Policies" is pre-selected.
  6. In the List Details tab, enter the following information:
    » Component Title: A title for the Summary List section; e.g. "Departmental Policies"
    » Policy Folders: Click on the down arrow to open up the Select Path navigator window.
    The Select Path window resembles the Site Admin console's left-hand Navigation pane; the hierarchy of available content is visible within the expandable left-hand side tree. To find the content you wish to include, navigate through the tree by clicking on the plus signs next to the various pages. Highlight the page of the section from which you wish to add existing content. 

    Note: The policies you choose must be activated in order for them to show up in the summary list.
    » Number of Items to Display: Enter in a number for how many items you wish to display on your page. Leave the section blank to display all available items.
    » Sort Items: Choose the sort method for the displayed items; By Date or Alphabetically
    » More Link: If you have specified a number in the Number of Items to Display section, you can now specify the location of where the additional information is located. Otherwise, you may leave this field blank.
  7. In the Tag Filter tab, click on the down arrow to open up the tag selector window. From the various tag subject groupings, select the "NYU Policies" tag. From the sub-categories, choose the appropriate policy grouping. To maximize the window and see more tags, expand the window by selecting the corners. Make sure to minimize the window when you're ready to save your content.
  8. Click the OK button to finish. It may take a few seconds for the content to populate the component.



Component Tutorial: Inserting a Summary List

After dragging the component into the desired location, by default you will see text reading: "There are no items or Policy Folder is not valid."


Component Tutorial: Selecting content to display in a Summary List

Select the existing content you wish to display, add a title, choose the display order, etc.


Component Tutorial: Filtering policies in a Summary List

In this example, we've selected policies to display, added the title "Related Policies," and chosen to display the policies in alphabetical order.

Component Tutorials

Still need help?

To report an issue with using components, please contact the IT Service Desk:


Summary List Example

Related Policies

Summary List Known Bugs

No known bugs at this time.

Updated December 2015

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