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Squared Promo

The Squared Promo component allows users to create and display promotional content.

When to use it?

Typically this promotion style is used to advertise an event.

Where to use it?

Used in 1- or 2- column containers on category or content pages.

How to use it?

Squared Promos are designed specifically to highlight event content.  Use them in 1- or 2- column spaces to draw an audience to special occasions. 

1. Navigate to and open the desired page.

2. Add a component.

3. Click Edit to open the Squared Promo Component dialog window.

4. You'll be presented with the Text tab, which includes the following fields:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Alt Text

The Title or Description field is required to use the component. 

5. Click the Image tab. Navigate in the content finder to select the desired image from the DAM. Drag the image into the image box. Crop, rotate, or link (map) image to your needs.

  • When using the two-column square promo, you should always crop your image as this particular component has a different crop ratio than other promos.

6. Click the Link tab. Although the Link field is not required, to better promote your event you should select a URL that directs the user to appropriate, more detailed information concerning the event. The default link text for this component is: "Read more"

7. Click OK to finish and save your changes.

Component Tutorials

Still need help?

To report an issue with this component, please contact the IT Service Desk:

Video Tutorials


Very Special

A Very Special Occasion

1- and 2-column squared components ask you to join them for a very special occasion. We hope you can attend.
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One Column

Just One Column

Come join us for a conversation with one column squared promos to see how they can work for you.
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People's Attention

Draw People's Attention

Use promos inline with your other content to highlight an event.
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Squared Promo Known Bugs

No known bugs at this time.

Updated January 2014

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