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Rounded Promo

The Rounded Promo component allows users to create and display promotional content for a content topic elsewhere within the site. This component can be featured at a higher level of the site architecture to call-out important information lower down, or in another section of the site.

When to use it?

 If you have content you want to draw attention to dramatically.

Where to use it?

Use this component in 1-column containers on channel and category pages.

How to use it?

The rounded promo creates a 1-column promotional image with text that can go inline with text or in 1-column containers.

  1. Navigate to and open the desired page.
  2. Add a component.
  3. Click Edit to open the Rounded Promo Component dialog window.
  4. You'll be presented with the Text Tab which includes the following fields:
    » Text - Line One (required)
    » Color for line one
    » Text - Line Two
    » Color for line two
    » Text - Line Three
    » Color for line three
  5. The Text in line one is required and has a thirteen (13) character limit. This is where an author would place the main topic to be promoted or text that grabs the attention of the desired audience (ex. NYU Athletics, Upcoming Events).
  6. Enter your text and select a color. You may also add two additional lines of text to better define the promotion.
  7. Click the Image tab. Here you can select the desired image for the promo. Navigate in the content finder to select the desired image from the DAM. Drag the image into the box and then select the option to crop.

    Because of the specific aspect ratio of this promo and the rounded edge treatment of the image, all images must be cropped even if it appears as though no actual crop has taken place.
  8. Click on the Advanced tab. You'll be presented with the following fields:
    » Alt Text (required)
    » Link (required)
  9. Alt text is required and makes the promo more accessible. The Link field is required and you should select a URL that directs the user to the specific promotional content highlighted in the promo.
  10. Click the OK button to finish.



Component Tutorials

Still need help?

To report an issue with using components, please contact the IT Service Desk:



Things to Know

Rounded promos are designed to only be used in 1-column containers. If you put a promo in a 2- or 3-column space, they will break and try to fit that space. Use column control.

Rounded Promo Known Bugs


When applying the required crop to the image used in the Rounded Promo, it is possible to adjust the aspect ratio. Altering the aspect ratio of the crop may cause the promo to display incorrectly on the page.


Do not adjust the aspect ratio after applying the crop for the image. If the aspect ratio was adjusted, select the appropriate aspect ratio from the image crop tool dialogue box and the aspect ratio will reset.

Updated December 2015

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