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Gray Panel Promo

The Gray Panel Promo component allows users to create and display promotional content.

When to use it?

To call out content that is explained more in depth elsewhere in the site.

Where to use it?

1-column containers on category and content pages.

How to use it?

The Gray Panel Promo is designed to call out such content as ongoing services, permanently referenced papers, etc. that are explained more in depth elsewhere in the site.

  1. Navigate to and open the desired page.
  2. Add a component.
  3. Click Edit to open the Gray Panel Promo dialog window.
  4. You'll be presented with the Text tab, which includes the following fields:
    » Title
    » Description
    » Alt Text
    » Link (required)
  5. Enter in the desired information into the fields, keeping in mind that the Title should be short and the Description should be precise. Alt Text isn't required, but it helps make your promo more accessible. Link to the content that is in depth in another location.
  6. Click on the Image tab. Navigate in the content finder to select the desired image from the DAM. Drag the image into the image box. Crop, rotate, or link (map) image to your needs.

    Note: Because of the specific aspect ratio of this promo, all images must be cropped even if it appears as though no actual crop has taken place.
  7. Click OK to finish and save your changes.



Component Tutorials

Still need help?

To report an issue with using components, please contact the IT Service Desk:


Video Tutorial


Gray Panel Promo Known Bugs


When applying the required crop to the image used in the Gray Panel Promo, it is possible to adjust the aspect ratio. Altering the aspect ratio of the crop may cause the promo to display incorrectly on the page.


Do not adjust the aspect ratio after applying the crop for the image. If the aspect ratio was adjusted, select the appropriate aspect ratio from the image crop tool dialogue box and the aspect ratio will reset.

Updated December 2015

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