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Column Control

The Column Control component allows users to sub-divide a larger column space into smaller spaces for components. This will ultimately break-up the visual column grid for viewers of the site. You can select from pre-configured containers that define physical widths but allow for vertical spacing. Within these new sub-divided spaces content you will then be allowed to add other standard components.

When to use it?

The Column Control component may be used to sub-divide a larger column space into smaller spaces for components.

Where to use it?

The Column Control component may be used in any column container in any position on a CMS-driven page.

How to use it?

  1. Navigate to and open the desired page.
  2. Add a component. The component is located under "Other" in the sidekick.
  3. The component placeholder contains a column control. It appears as a container with a top and bottom border, as it is essentially a container for additional components (text, image, etc.).
  4. The column control component lets you choose how many section subdivisions you wish to insert. However, this is also dependent on the template you choose, and where you insert the column control.  For example, if you've chosen a 3-2 template, and you insert a column control component into the 3-column section, you can additionally subdivide that section of 3-columns into:

    2 columns / 1 column

    1 column / 2 columns

    1 column / 1 column / 1 column

    To choose the layout, click the Edit button on the top bar of the Column Control component.  In the Column Control dialog box, click the drop-down menu to select from your available options. Click the OK button when finished.

  5. The component now contains the subdivision you've chosen.
  6. You may now drag and drop other components (for example, text or image) into the new subdivisions to add your content.


Component Tutorial: Column Control Box

Column control creates a container in which you can put multiple components to break up an existing column container.


Component Tutorial: Column Dropdown

You can break up a 3-column container into various portions, but they always add up to three columns.


Component Tutorial: Column Control 2-1

This is an example of 3 columns being broken down into 1- and 2-column containers. Use components inside of these new containers with this layout.


Component Tutorials

Still need help?

To report an issue with this component, please contact the IT Service Desk:

Column Control Known Bugs


Page Layout: Page layout is thrown off when adding a column control within a column control.


Choose a different template and do not nest column controls.

Updated January 2012

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