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Audio Player

The audio player component is used to play audio within a page. This component will pull audio files (MP3, OGG, OGA, M4A, and F4A) and a custom image from the Digital Asset Management (DAM) system to display in the audio player.

When to use it?

The audio player component may be used to insert topical aural content, like events, lectures, and podcasts, into your pages.

Where to use it?

The audio player is a 1-column component that can be added to any size column area in a template.

How to use it?

  1. Navigate to and open the desired page.
  2. The component placeholder contains an audio player. It appears with a down-arrow icon underneath a top border from which you can select various actions.
  3. Click on the Edit button in the top border to add your audio content.
    Note: Before an audio file may be used in a page, it must be added to the Digital Asset Management (DAM) system.
  4. In the Audio Player Properties tab:
    » For Audio Path: Click the down arrow to select the audio file from the DAM. The "Select Path" window will open allowing you to navigate through the DAM to your audio files. Highlight the audio file you wish to use. Click the OK button to finish.
    » For Image: Click the down arrow to select a default image, custom image, or no image. To add a custom image, click into the Image tab and drag and drop an image from the Asset Finder into the component area. Click the OK button to finish.
    » For Alignment: Click the down arrow to select left or right. Left alignment is the default.
  5. Click the magnifying glass icon in the Sidekick to open the page in Preview mode to ensure that all additions are as expected from the site viewer's perspective.


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Still need help?

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Audio Player Known Bugs

No known bugs at this time.

Updated December 2015

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