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Browser Support

Below are the web browsers currently supported by and recommended for Each one supports a different subset of HTML, CSS, Javascript, and other supporting technologies and informs a different web experience.

NYU's Recommended Browsers

Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer are the most popular and widely supported browsers. We've thoroughly tested our pages in the latest versions of these browsers and recommend them for the best viewing experience of

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Firefox 3+

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Safari 4+

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Internet Explorer 8

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Benefits of Upgrading to a Modern Browser

  • Security
    Newer browsers protect you better from scams, viruses, trojans, phishing and other threats. Because the software is still supported and regularly updated, they also fix known security holes.
  • Speed
    Every new browser generation improves the speed of the user experience.
  • Compatibility
    Web sites using new technology will be displayed more accurately if you are using an updated browser.
  • Comfort & Better Expereience
    With new features, extensions and better customization, you will have a more comfortable web experience.
  • Advancing the Web
    Outdated browsers pose a number of security threats, slow the advancement of internet technology, and cost companies time and money in man hours for developers.

Updating is easy, it takes just a few minutes and is FREE.

Internet Explorer 6 Users

Do NOT update IE6, if you use a legacy application that is dependent on IE6.  Instead download an additional browser (such as Firefox or Safari) and keep IE6 for compatibility.

Internet Explorer 6 is no longer supported by Microsoft and is widely considered to be obsolete (released in 2001). It has multiple security flaws and is considerably slower than recent browsers.

If you are still using IE6 and do not need it for compatibility reasons, we strongly recommend updating your browser to a more recent version.

Visit Internet Explorer homepage

I'm not able to update my browser

  • Compatiblity Issues
    If you can't change your browser because of compatibility issues, think about installing a second browser for browsing and keep the old one for compatibility.
  • No Admin Access
    If you are on a computer that is maintained by a systems administrator and you do not have administrative privileges to install software, please contact your systems administrator.
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