Analytics ABCs

The first time you enter Urchin, you may be thinking....

This is so much information. What do all of these terms mean?

  • Visit: The number of times users have come to a website.
  • Visitor: Any unique user browsing a website is a visitor.
  • New/ Unique Visitor: A unique user who has landed on a website for the first time.
  • Hit: Any successful request to the web server from a visitor's browser for any type of file, such as images, media, scripts, etc; therefore a single page can cause many hits.
  • Session: A series of clicks on the site by an individual visitor during a specific period of time. A session is initiated when a visitor first arrives at a site and it ends when the browser is closed or there is a period of inactivity. Session quantities will vary to some degree based on what type of visitor tracking method is employed.
  • Average Time on Site: How much time an average user spends looking at a website, or the average session length.
  • Pageviews: How many pages were viewed overall by the number of visitors.
  • Pages/Visit (PPV): How many pages (on average) were viewed per visit.
  • Entrance Page: Also known as a landing page, this is the first page viewed in each session.
  • Exit Page: Last page viewed in each session before a visitor leaves the site.
  • Bounce Rate: The percentage of single-page visits where a visitor entered and left a site from the same page (this would mean that the entrance and exit pages for that visitor were the same). For bounce rate, the lower the number, the better.