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Budget Resources

Budget Modifications

Workflow Process

Unit Budget Analyst -> Unit Fiscal Officer -> Budget Office Analyst -> FAME

  • Once approved, budget modifications should post to FAME within 1 hour. If rejected, the original requestor is notified by email.
  • Budget Modifications should be approved within 2-3 business days.  The approval of modifications may take longer if there are outstanding issues that prevent normal approval.  These may include unbalanced Bud Mods, Insufficient Funds, or New Chart-fields.
  • If a Bud Mod is in anyone’s worklist for more than five days, it will “Timeout.”  “Timeout” notifications are sent to the requestor and the current owner by email, but do not impact workflow.  The Bud Mod will remain in the current owner’s worklist and do not affect their ability to approve or reject the modification.

Automatic Approval Bud Mod Rules (All Funds)

These bud mods bypass the budget office and post directly to FAME.

  • Bud Mods must be balanced
  • Total Increase/Decrease is for less than $5,000
  • Accounts used are within the same budget category groupings.

Budget Office Review Guidelines for Budget Modifications:

The Budget Office reviews Budget Modifications differently based on Fund Group.  Below is a list of criteria that your Bud Mods should meet depending on the Fund Group it is associated with.  
Note:  It is not possible to submit a Bud Mod across multiple funds.  

Operating Funds (Funds 10-16)

  1. All Bud Mods should be balanced.  In some cases it may be necessary to submit multiple Bud Mods to achieve this balance.  If for any reason a Bud Mod is submitted and is unbalanced, it should be accompanied by either an attachment or email to explain the purpose of this increase or decrease.
  2. Bud Mods must not adjust any of the following:
    1. Tuition Categories including Balance of Trade
    2. Undergraduate Financial Aid
    3. College Work Study (51118)
    4. Global Subvention, Subvention, Plant, Admin Overhead
    5. Reserve Target Requirement
    6. Debt Service
    Adjustments to any of these budget categories require advance approval from either the Budget Office or the Admissions Office (in the case of Financial Aid and CWS)
  3. Any adjustments to Salaries should have a corresponding Fringe adjustment (unless change is within the same Org)

Other things that may require backup info before approving:

  • Shifts between Personnel and OTPS and vice versa
  • Shifts between Personnel or OTPS and Transfers
  • Changes to Turnover (Vacancy Accrual) Savings
  • Increases or Decreases to Uncontrollable OTPS (e.g. Utilities)

Designated Funds (Funds 20-22)

Bud Mods can be unbalanced if there is sufficient Fund Balance to cover the difference.  A Fund Balance BRIO should be run to determine the current balance and compared to the requested increase in expense budget.
Note:  For faster approval it is suggested a copy of this Fund Balance report be attached with the Bud Mod when it is submitted.

  • Rules 2-3 above also apply to Designated Funds
  • Rules 4-5 are usually ok for Designated Funds
  • Rules 6-7 do not apply

Sponsored Programs (Funds 24-25)

All Bud Mods for Funds 24 or 25 should be forwarded to the appropriate analyst in SPA.
See the SPA contact list for further info.

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