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NYU myTime FAQ

Time and Attendance Frequently Asked Questions

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Clerical & Technical Employees
Administrators & Researchers
Non-Union Service Employees
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Student Employees

How do I access myTime?

NYU myTime is available through the Work tab on NYU Home.

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How do I submit a time off request?

To submit a time off request, login to NYU myTime through the NYU Home portal.

  • In the Schedules section click on MyTime Off.
  • Click on the Create new Time Off Request link.
  • Select the Pay Code (such as Sick, Personal Time, Vacation, etc.)
  • Select the start and end dates for the time off request. Click Next
  • Confirm that the information in the Request Details box is correct.
  • If you need to update the request, click into the fields in the Request Details box to make changes. Click Update.
  • Click Submit.

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What do I do if I can't clock in or access webclock or a hand recognition terminal?

If you are unable to clock in or out at your usual location, please contact your supervisor or HR Officer.

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How do I cancel a Time Off Request?

To cancel a Time Off Request in NYU myTime, login to myTime.

  • In the Schedules section (upper right) click on the Request Time Off link.
  • Under the Current tab, click on the request you would like to cancel.
  • If you have a Pending Time Off Request, you will have the option to cancel the request.
  • Click on Cancel Request.

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How do I approve time sheets?

Click on Approve Timesheets in the Time Entry box on your myTime Dashboard. For more information about approving time sheets

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How can I get help with NYU myTime?

Visit and review the FAQs and Quick Step Guides for your employee group. For questions about myTime or payroll, contact PeopleLink at 212-443-LINK (5465).

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How do I view my vacation, sick & personal balances in NYU myTime?

You are able to check and verify your balance in the My Time section of the Time Entry area of the myTime Dashboard. Scroll down the page and click on the Time Off Balances tab. You can refer to the Quick Steps and FAQ documents for your employee group, available at the top of this webpage. These handouts provide details about viewing your time off balances.

If you have questions about your vacation, sick, or personal time balances, please contact your HR Officer.

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How do I delegate timesheet & time off Approval responsibilities?

You can delegate approval reponsibilites in the Settings area of the myTime Dashboard by clicking on Manage My Delegations > Delegate Authority. For details, please read over page 3 of the FAQs for Approvers and view FIN 225: The Approver's Guide to NYU myTime, available in iLearn via the Work tab on NYU Home.

If you have questions about your vacation, sick, or personal time balances, please contact your HR Officer.

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What is the difference between a Time Off and a Time Sheet Approver?

The main difference between a Time Off and Time Sheet Approver is as follows:

  • A Time Off Approver approves designated employee requests for time away from work, which can include Personal Time, Vacation, Sick and all other reasons that require an employee to be away from work as scheduled.
  • A Time Sheet Approver checks and approves employee time worked on a daily basis - that is the start & end time, lunch and other breaks, etc.

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