Financial Operations and Treasury Newsletters

The newsletters below are created by the Communications and Training group within Financial Operations and Treasury

Controller's Connection

The Controller's Connection newsletter provides updates and information about the Controller's Division that have an impact on the University community. It is issued on an as-needed basis for divisions within the Office of the Controller. 

December 2019 Issue (PDF)

November 2019 Issue (PDF)

August 2019 Issue (PDF)

April 2019 Issue (PDF)

February 2019 Issue (PDF)

November 2018 Issue (PDF)

August 2018 Issue (PDF)

August 2017 Issue (PDF)

The Financial Flash

This quarterly newsletter is about the people of Finance and Campus Services. Each issue of the Financial Flash will spotlight individuals, recognize employee’s efforts and keep you informed about events and other notable news that affect the division.

FinanceLink Newsletter

The newsletter for the University Finance Community.

FinanceLink Newsletter: Issue 4 (PDF)

  • Supplier On-Boarding Policy
  • Ebix - the New Insurance Tracking System
  • Payment Card Reminders
  • Bid Waiver Form guidelines
  • i-Buy NYU Reminders & Helpful Tips

Insurance and Enterprise Risk Management

News and information about the team, insurance, and enterprise risk management programs available for the University community.

PeopleSync Newsletter

The newsletter for PeopleSync users in the HR Community. It is issued on an ad hoc (bi-monthly) basis.

PeopleSync Newsletter: Issue 27 (PDF)

  • Coming Soon to PeopleSync: Faculty Tenure Milestone Dashboards (US Only)
  • Adjuncts and Activity Pay Details (US Only)
  • Reports Corner: Active Primary and Non-Primary Job Effective Date (US Only)
  • PeopleSync Error Alerts: Termination and Non-Primary Jobs (US Only)
  • PeopleSync Tips: How to Search PeopleSync
  • Ticket SpotlightPerformance Management: I can view my goals but can only edit some of them – why? (US Only)