Controller's Connection

The Controller's Connection newsletter provides updates and information about the Controller's Division that have an impact on the University community. It is issued on an as-needed basis for divisions within the Office of the Controller. Click here for instructions to subscribe to the Controller's Connection Newsletter.

The Financial Flash

This quarterly newsletter is about the people of Financial Operations and Treasury (FO&T) and the Program Service Office (PSO). Each issue of the Financial Flash will spotlight individuals, recognize employee’s efforts and keep you informed about events and other notable news that affect FO&T and the PSO.

PeopleSync Newsletter

The newsletter for PeopleSync users in the HR Community.

PeopleSync Newsletter: Issue 14

  • AMI Reminders
  • Activity Pay Updates
    • Non-Adjunct Multi-year academic period for ad compensation
    • New H Activities
    • New X – Non BUE Adjunct Activities
  • Job Classifications for Non-Union Student, Hourly Jobs and Hourly Rate Guidelines
  • Reports - Support Role Assignment Audit by Organization and Student Hire Metrics
  • New Hire Onboarding Tasks – Military and Veteran Status
  • Scheduled Weekly Hours Guidelines
  • Tips and Tricks for using PeopleSync
  • Ticket Spotlight:
    • Cancelling or Sending Back In-progress transactions
    • How to end a non-primary job with current/future activity pay and Pay/Forfeit button

FinanceLink Newsletter

The newsletter for the University Finance Community.

FinanceLink Newsletter: Issue 1

  • Getting Access to i-Buy NYU
  • The i-Buy NYU Resource Portal
  • Onboarding New Suppliers
  • Reminder for Purchases Over $10K
  • Guide for the University’s Payment Terms
  • Found it Cheaper?
  • Buying and Paying Guide
  • Finding Preferred Suppliers
  • Invoice Reminder
  • New Legal Requirements for Honoraria Payments