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NYU Fiscal Officer Corner

This page is a compilation of NYU finance related resources intended for quick reference for NYU school and business unit Fiscal Officers.

Fiscal Year 2015 News & Announcements

JEMS Update 

An interim version of the JEMS application (“JEMS2”) will be available beginning on Thursday, August 6th at 9:00 AM (EST). The JEMS2 Application will be used for the remainder of FY15 and thereafter until a long-term solution is reviewed and validated.

JEMS2 and the original JEMS have the same process and functionality for preparing and submitting a journal entry.

What’s Changed?

  • Journal entries created in JEMS2 will have only 1 approver – the person currently defined as a Requestor’s “Final Approver”. Requestors will see the name of their Approver in JEMS2 (starting the week of August 10th).
    • Changes to a Requestor’s “Final Approver” should be e-mailed to
  • JEMS2 Approvers will receive an e-mail notification when a journal entry awaits their approval. The notification e-mail contains a link that will bring the Approver directly into the JEMS2 application to a “My Approvals” list from where they can select the journal entry for review and approval.
  • JEMS2 Approvers cannot automatically re-route their approvals to another approver when they are out of the office.
    • If an Approver needs to enable out-of-office routing, they should e-mail with the name of the person to whom their journal entries should be directed and the time period.
  • JEMS2 Approvers will select the APPROVE Button or the REJECT Button (and can type comments for the Requestor).
    • Requestors will receive an FYI notification when their journal entry has been Approved or Rejected.
    • Rejected journal entries may not be resubmitted – they can only be copied, corrected and re-submitted as a new journal entry.
  • The Requestor will receive an FYI notification email if a JEMS2 journal entry encounters errors with budget or chartfield combinations when it is submitted to FAME for posting.
    • The Requestor should send an e-mail to containing the Journal ID and instructions for resolving the error.
  • SPA will not approve Cost Transfer journal entries. They will receive a daily report of all Cost Transfer journal entries approved for the prior day and will perform a separate review and approval. A SPA analyst will contact the Requestor if there is an issue with the Cost Transfer journal entry.
  • Fiscal Officers will not receive an FYI e-mail when another unit submits a journal entry that impacts their unit.

As we transition from JEMS to JEMS2, please note:

  • JEMS journal entries that were approved but not posted in FAME when the application failed will be submitted for posting to FAME on Wednesday, August 5th.
  • JEMS journal entries that were submitted for approval before the application failed will be routed to the Final Approver in JEMS2 for their review and approval.

August 5, 2015

Accounts Payable (AP) Workflow Upgrade

To ensure AP Workflow is on a stable and supported technical platform, an improved version of the application is now available.

What’s Changed?

  • The application is now accessible directly from the Work tab of NYU Home under Additional Services.
  • The approval “workflow” uses ServiceLink functionality.
  • All email notifications will now come from ServiceLink.

Changes for Approvers

Changes for Initiators

  • New Resubmit Functionality:
    • User gets an email of the Rejection
    • After making the changes in AP Workflow, a resubmit button will be available on the Preview page
  • Option to remit payment to a credit card will only be visible to those with an NYU issued corporate card. Card numbers will not be visible
  • All supporting documentation is now required to be attached electronically to the request

Updated July 13, 2015

Payroll Adjustments Now Available in PeopleSync

Payroll Adjustments (formerly retroactive cost allocations) are now available in PeopleSync.

This new functionality replaces the current retro cost allocation form and gives you the ability to submit Payroll Adjustments for review by Payroll and/or SPA directly in PeopleSync.

To learn how to submit a Payroll Adjustment, follow the instructions in the Payroll Adjustment tip sheet available in course HRS 000 in iLearn.

If you need additional support, visit the Payroll Adjustment office hours at 105 E. 17th St., Room 199: Feb. 18th from 3-5pm or Feb. 26th from 9-11am or contact PeopleLink.

February 13, 2015

Are you a PI or Dept Admin with a Subaward Project?

Use the subaward invoicing system to manage payments to your subawardees! Click here for more information. A quick reference guide and training video are also available to help you navigate the system.

Questions? Contact the SPA Team Analyst for your school.

February 10, 2015

New NYU Contract with Staples

Procurement is pleased to announce that a new contract has been negotiated with NYU’s preferred office supply vendor - Staples. The University’s top 500 Staples items in a full range of product categories have been identified and are designated “Best Value” and offer NYU the greatest discounts. Learn more on the News & Resources page.

eReq Self Approval on Orders over $2500

The following communication was sent to the eReq system community on 12/12/14

In order to strengthen financial controls, and implement purchasing practices consistent with other large institutions of higher education similar to NYU, a revised policy and process regarding the self-approval of requisitions (e-Reqs) is being implemented.

Effective December 15, 2014 any e-Reqs over the threshold of $2,500 may no longer be self-approved.

Self-approvals are defined as those e-Reqs where the individual entering the requisition and the final approver are the same person. Changes have been made within the e-Req system that will stop the approval from occurring if an e-Req that is greater than $2500 is being both entered and approved by the same individual.

E Reqs that are $2500 or less will not be subject to this new process.

For those departments that have a current approval hierarchy in place that requires those e-Reqs less than $2,500 to be approved by more than one approver this process will remain in place.

Splitting one requisition to a supplier that is over the $2500 threshold into several requisitions to enable self-approval is not permitted.

For any questions regarding this new process please feel free to contact Bob Dayre, Associate Director Procurement Operations at x 81031 or at

Purchasing Policies and Procedures Manual

How to Reassign a Purchase Requisition

December 12, 2014

PeopleSync Update: Student Payment Issues

The following communication was sent to Fiscal Officers on 11/24/14

Hello Colleagues,

It has come to our attention that, due to system errors, the following issues regarding student payments have occurred:

Issue:  FICA (OASDI and Medicare) taxes have been incorrectly withheld from some students’ recent paycheck(s).

Corrective Actions:

COMPLETE: The system error was corrected so that FICA taxes will not be incorrectly withheld from the impacted students’ paychecks going forward.

IN PROGRESS: Impacted students will be refunded for the FICA taxes withheld incorrectly.
Issue: 100% of some students' pay was incorrectly charged to 51118 (Federal Work Study), when the pay should have been split between 51118 (25%) and the project (75%).

We apologize for any inconvenience. We will be reaching out to you and impacted students in the coming days with more information, including dates when the corrective actions listed above will be complete.

If you have any questions about these issues, please contact PeopleLink at or call 212-992-LINK (5465) and enter 289327.

Thank you,
NYU Payroll Department

November 24, 2014

New Payment Cards at NYU!  

The Global Banking & Cash Management Team is excited to announce that NYU is transitioning to a new payment card program with Bank of America. The implementation is part of a multi-phase effort.  

Phase 1: Replace purchasing and central travel cards
Phase 2: Replace Amex with travel cards from Bank of America.


 - Small Pilot Group rollout in early January 2015
 - University wide on a rolling basis throughout the Spring semester

What’s changing?  

 - A revised payment card policy (to be released early 2015)
 - Use of a new on-line system for reviewing, approving and reconciling transactions

What will not change?

 - Will remain a corporate liability program
 - NYU will continue to make payment for authorized, policy compliant transactions

If you have any questions regarding the new payment card program, please email us at:

We’ll share more information and training materials soon, stay tuned!

November 14, 2014

Supplier On-Boarding Resources

Enrollment of new suppliers and individuals at NYU has been centralized within the newly formed Supplier On-Boarding Team which resides in Procurement.

As part of the FO&T supplier on-boarding process announced by Stephanie Pianka in August, the forms used to enroll suppliers and individuals have been updated. The updates include hyperlinks to additional online forms needed to complete the on-boarding process at NYU.

One particular area identified in delaying the enrollment process is ensuring the inclusion of the W-9 form with an authorized signature when payment for a good or service is being made. Each form requiring a W9 to be submitted with it now contains a link directly to the IRS W-9 and the Tax Compliance Notification form (for non-US individuals and entities).

In addition to these new hyperlinks, all the supplier and individual on-boarding forms and resources are available in one place on the Fiscal Officer’s Corner page on FinanceLink. Just click on the Supplier On-Boarding Resources expandable under “Related Resources” to find all the links for forms, related instructions and resources for the supplier or individual on-boarding process.

If you have any questions in regards to supplier onboarding, you can email the Supplier On-Boarding Team in Procurement at or 212-998-1030. Or you can contact Bob Dayre, Associate Director of Procurement Operations at 212-998-1031 or

October 22, 2014

Departmental Purchases at the NYU Bookstore and Computer Store 

In an effort to secure and streamline departmental purchases made at the NYU Book and Computer Stores, the paper, approved purchaser “lists” maintained by the Stores will be retired immediately.

Going forward departmental purchases made at the NYU Book and Computer Stores can be made using the following widely utilized and easy to use methods:

Option 1: iBuy Marketplace

- Registered users of the iBuy Marketplace can place their orders with the NYU Computer and Book Stores from their offices, or from the kiosk at the stores and have the items delivered, or held for pick up. This method utilizes the workflow built in to the eReq system to ensure that proper budgetary approval is received for the purchase.

- Non-registered users can utilize the iBuy Shopper feature. iBuy Shopper is a feature that allows non-registered users to browse/shop in the iBuy Marketplace using their NYU Home net id and password (eReq profile is not required). Once a shopping cart is created in iBuy, it can be emailed to your department approver for ordering.

For any questions regarding the iBuy Marketplace please contact

Option 2: Purchasing Card (P-Card)

- The NYU Purchasing Card is utilized for low dollar purchases, and is accepted as a payment mechanism at the NYU Book and Computer Stores for purchases under $2,500.

- Please check with your department administrator to ascertain if your department currently has a P-Card.

For any questions regarding the P-Card please contact

Option 3: Pre-Paid Cards

- Pre-paid cards (up to a value of $250) may also be used for purchases at the NYU Book and Computer Stores.

For any questions regarding Pre-paid cards please contact Mike Wallace at:

October 6, 2014

Fiscal Year 2014 News & Announcements

FY14 Year-End Close Calendar

2014 Year-End Close Calendar

View the 2014 Year-End Close Calendar as a PDF

Fiscal Year 2013 News & Announcements

Change to Year-End Purchase Order (PO) Process

Effective with the FY13 Year-End Close, open POs in Funds 10, 12, 14, 16, 20 and 60 will no longer be closed after Accounts Payable completes processing for the year. Instead, these POs will be brought forward to FY14 and budget-checked against the chartfield for which they were requested creating an FY14 encumbrance. This addresses two pain points with year-end processing: 1) invoices submitted against POs closed by the old process after year-end require numerous AP / School / Department interaction to correctly charge the payment; and 2) vendors using the new JPMC automated payment tool will submit electronic invoices for closed POs and will encounter processing issues, thus delaying payment.

If a school or department wishes to close a PO for Funds 10, 12, 14, 16 or 20, please follow the instructions available on the Purchasing website. The deadline for submitting any PO close requests for these funds is Friday, September 27th. Please submit any questions to

Aug 14, 2013

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