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NYU Fiscal Officer Corner

This page is a compilation of NYU finance related resources intended for quick reference for NYU school and business unit Fiscal Officers.

Fiscal Year 2016 News & Announcements

The following communication was sent on 6/27/16.

i-Buy NYU is Live

We are happy to announce that i-Buy NYU is live as of today, June 27. As a reminder, i-Buy NYU replaces eReq, the Business Payment Form (BUS5000), and the Payment to Individuals form (IND4000). Please be sure to share this news with your buying and paying staff.

To Access i-Buy NYU:

  1. Login to using your NYU Net ID and Password
  2. Click on the Work tab
  3. Scroll down to the “Buying and Paying” section and click on i-Buy NYU

Important Dates

Please refer to the below list of dates for ordering and paying for goods and services moving forward:

  • June 27: i-Buy NYU is live and the Business Payment Form (BUS5000) and Payment to Individuals Form (IND4000A) are retired. AP will resume processing PO-related invoices. eReq will continue to be available for read-only purposes. Any invoices received locally now and going forward should be emailed to
  • June 28: Invoice images and approval data from Flextecs can be requested by contacting the FinanceLink Service Center ( or x81111)
  • July 1 & August 1: Recurring payments will be executed via NYU’s legacy method (i-Buy NYU recurring payments will be executed beginning September 1, 2016)

Training & Resources
The i-Buy NYU Resource Portal contains helpful resources and important updates including the following:

  •  The Q&A Section contains a link to i-Buy NYU Frequently Asked Questions
  • The i-Buy NYU Training Materials tab includes links to quick Videos and step-by-step Tip Sheets, illustrating key functionality and features in the i-Buy NYU system
  • The Presentation and Resources tab provides links to the Buying & Paying Guide, Change Order Matrix, and Commodity Code-to-Account Code Mapping Document

All videos and step-by-step tip sheets can also be accessed centrally via iLearn. Simply login to NYU iLearn via the Work tab of NYUHome and search for course PUR 007: i-Buy NYU Key Features & Functionality.

To aid in the overall transition of i-Buy NYU, an i-Buy NYU support hotline and email address is now active. Please feel free to contact FinanceLink (212-998-1111 or for all questions and assistance with i-Buy NYU.  

June 27, 2016

i-Buy NYU Classroom Training for Power Users

In order to manage the volume of users to train for i-Buy NYU, we have worked with Fiscal Officers and Project Lighthouse Liaisons to identify “power users” from schools and administrative units across the University to attend a 3 hour classroom training session. Power users were identified based on the following criteria:

  • Process 10-20 or more requisitions/month
  • Handle multiple types of orders (standing orders, payment forms, etc.)
  • Process change orders
  • Support multiple departments and organizations

    Power Users will receive information about registering for a session via iLearn. If you do not receive additional information about Power User training, you were not identified as a participant for classroom training -- please review the paragraph below to read more about additional options for training, or reach out to your Fiscal Officer.

May 17, 2016

i-Buy NYU Resource Portal

The i-Buy NYU Resource Portal was created to provide the NYU Community with one stop to access presentations, training documents and additional project materials about Project Lighthouse and i-Buy NYU.

Should you have questions about i-Buy NYU, please feel free to reach out to the project team via

April 29, 2016

Important Dates for Project Lighthouse

Below are important information and dates regarding ordering and payment processes, and the transition of existing eReq orders to the new system as we move closer to i-Buy N​​YU’s Go-Live date.

For the time period of June 4-17, 2016 only, please use your P-Card to accommodate unplanned and/or emergency purchases. If you need to amend your P-Card limits (during this time period only), please email The limits for each card type are listed on page six of the Payment Card Policy.  



June 3

LAST DAY for entering FULLY APPROVED requisitions into eReq (Procurement team will expedite all reqs entered up to, and on this date). LAST DAY for POs to be loaded in Flextecs for subawards.

June 4

LAST DAY to load subaward invoices in Flextecs. Any invoices received after June 4 will be processed in i-Buy NYU.

June 6

eReq will be made available for VIEW ONLY purposes indefinitely.

June 10

LAST DAY for Principal Investigators to approve subaward invoices in Flextecs. Any unapproved invoices as of June 10 will be canceled by Flextecs and reprocessed in i-Buy NYU. Starting at 11:59pm, Flextecs will no longer be accessible.

June 14

LAST DAY for processing eReq PO invoices through Accounts Payable.

June 20

i-Buy NYU Go Live

July 1

Recurring payments will be executed with the legacy method (i-Buy NYU recurring payments will be executed beginning  August 1, 2016).

Invoice images and approval data from Flextecs can be requested by contacting the FinanceLink Service Center ( or x81111).

April 15, 2016 (Updated May 11, 2016)

Project Lighthouse & i-Buy NYU

As announced at the last Financial Forum, Project Lighthouse is currently underway. As part of this effort to improve how the NYU community buys goods/services and pays suppliers, we are implementing a new system, i-Buy NYU, to better streamline the requisitioning, invoicing and payment process. i-Buy NYU is targeted to go live in June of this year and will:

  • Improve transparency into the ordering and payment processes
  • Ensure a user friendly experience with an easy-to-navigate platform
  • Adopt a simple and consistent solution, using best-in-class processes and technology
  • Automate manual processes to increase efficiency, consistency and timeliness of transaction processing
  • Implement simplified, yet effective, controls

System sneak peeks are scheduled in January and March, 2016. To attend a sneak peek, or for more information about the project, please contact

January 21, 2016 (Updated March 25, 2016)

Requesting Access to UDW+ University Departmental Metrics (UDM)

The Chartfield Access Authorization Form now includes a section to request access to the reporting departments for UDW+ Departmental Metrics Dashboard (UDM) and the proposals tabs on the D03. Grants Management Dashboard.

When an individual from your department requests chartfield access to either one of these reporting departments, you will receive an email asking to approve or deny their request.

Please note that in addition to chartfield access for UDW+ Departmental Metrics Dashboard (UDM), users will need to request UDM reporting access by contacting the Decision Support Group at or 212-998-2900, and also receiving approval from their Dean.

Click here for instructions.

If you have any questions, please contact the FinanceLink Service Center at 212-998-1111 or

November 19, 2015

Prevent Declined Transactions on Payment Cards

Due to significant increase in fraudulent transactions for all payment card issuers globally, banks have implemented strict preventive controls to mitigate this fraud risk. As a result, payment card transactions may be declined more frequently due to suspicious triggers or activities.

The Global Payment Card team created a memo with information to assist in identifying triggers for declined transactions and steps to avoid them. This was sent out to Fiscal Officers on October 5, 2015.

Introducing the new FinanceLink Service Center

The new FinanceLink service center for Financial Operations & Treasury (FO&T) is now open to the NYU community.  This new integrated service center is a complement to our existing FinanceLink website for all inquiries and requests associated with finance at NYU, including but not limited to:  Accounting & Reporting, Buying & Paying (which includes Accounts Payable and Procurement content), Insurance & Enterprise Risk, Tax Guidance & Compliance, and Treasury Management.* 

Why are we providing a FinanceLink service center?

FO&T supports thousands of NYU community members and processes literally hundreds of thousands of financial transactions annually. Our community members (YOU) have told us, through the annual Quality of Service survey, and other forums, that it is difficult to know who, or where, to call when you have a question on a finance related matter. In addition, due to improved technology and process improvements, we are now able to answer many commonly asked questions through a centralized process, saving all of us time, and improving the quality and timeliness of our service as a result. 

What does the new FinanceLink service center mean for you?

• Only one phone number and email address to remember!  Existing email aliases and phone numbers will continue to work and will automatically route to FinanceLink and/or specific FO&T departments
• All inquiries and requests will continue to be tracked and logged in NYU’s ServiceLink tool. All notifications that you receive will now read “FinanceLink” instead of FO&T.

How do I reach the FinanceLink service center?

• Phone: 212-998-1111 from 9:00AM - 5:00PM
• Email:
• Online:
◦ FinanceLink  – to search information about our services, forms and latest news
◦ A new and improved ServiceLink, which will allow you to view the status and target resolution of your open requests and search our knowledge base articles

Please share this news with your teams and colleagues who regularly contact FO&T for assistance. We plan to host focus groups in the Fall to gather and share feedback on how we are doing and discuss how we can further improve our services. We are committed to continuous improvement and we welcome your feedback at any time. 

Thank you,

Stephanie Pianka

*Please note, inquiries for the following areas should continue to route to:

• Non-tax related Payroll inquiries, PeopleSync and myTime:  Contact PeopleLink
• Post-Award Administration:  Contact Sponsored Programs Administration
• Student Billing:  Contact the Office of the Bursar
• UDW+ Financial Reporting:  Contact the Decision Support Group

Don’t worry, if a community member does contact FinanceLink for one of these other service areas, the phone system will provide easy routing to these services, or the team will assign and transfer requests to other departments, as required.

August 31, 2015

Fiscal Year 2015 News & Announcements

JEMS Update

An interim version of the JEMS application (“JEMS2”) will be available beginning on Thursday, August 6th at 9:00 AM (EST). The JEMS2 Application will be used for the remainder of FY15 and thereafter until a long-term solution is reviewed and validated.

JEMS2 and the original JEMS have the same process and functionality for preparing and submitting a journal entry.

Read More

Accounts Payable (AP) Workflow Upgrade

To ensure AP Workflow is on a stable and supported technical platform, an improved version of the application is now available.

What’s Changed?

  • The application is now accessible directly from the Work tab of NYU Home under Additional Services.
  • The approval “workflow” uses ServiceLink functionality.
  • All email notifications will now come from ServiceLink.

Changes for Approvers

Changes for Initiators

  • New Resubmit Functionality:
    • User gets an email of the Rejection
    • After making the changes in AP Workflow, a resubmit button will be available on the Preview page
  • Option to remit payment to a credit card will only be visible to those with an NYU issued corporate card. Card numbers will not be visible
  • All supporting documentation is now required to be attached electronically to the request

Updated July 13, 2015

Payroll Adjustments Now Available in PeopleSync

Payroll Adjustments (formerly retroactive cost allocations) are now available in PeopleSync.

This new functionality replaces the current retro cost allocation form and gives you the ability to submit Payroll Adjustments for review by Payroll and/or SPA directly in PeopleSync.

To learn how to submit a Payroll Adjustment, follow the instructions in the Payroll Adjustment tip sheet available in course HRS 000 in iLearn.

If you need additional support, visit the Payroll Adjustment office hours at 105 E. 17th St., Room 199: Feb. 18th from 3-5pm or Feb. 26th from 9-11am or contact PeopleLink.

February 13, 2015

Are you a PI or Dept Admin with a Subaward Project?

Use the subaward invoicing system to manage payments to your subawardees! Click here for more information. A quick reference guide and training video are also available to help you navigate the system.

Questions? Contact the SPA Team Analyst for your school.

February 10, 2015

eReq Self Approval on Orders over $2500

The following communication was sent to the eReq system community on 12/12/14

In order to strengthen financial controls, and implement purchasing practices consistent with other large institutions of higher education similar to NYU, a revised policy and process regarding the self-approval of requisitions (e-Reqs) is being implemented.

Effective December 15, 2014 any e-Reqs over the threshold of $2,500 may no longer be self-approved.

Self-approvals are defined as those e-Reqs where the individual entering the requisition and the final approver are the same person. Changes have been made within the e-Req system that will stop the approval from occurring if an e-Req that is greater than $2500 is being both entered and approved by the same individual.

E Reqs that are $2500 or less will not be subject to this new process.

For those departments that have a current approval hierarchy in place that requires those e-Reqs less than $2,500 to be approved by more than one approver this process will remain in place.

Splitting one requisition to a supplier that is over the $2500 threshold into several requisitions to enable self-approval is not permitted.

Purchasing Policies and Procedures Manual

How to Reassign a Purchase Requisition (PDF)

December 12, 2014

New Payment Cards at NYU!  

The Global Banking & Cash Management Team is excited to announce that NYU is transitioning to a new payment card program with Bank of America. The implementation is part of a multi-phase effort.  

Phase 1: Replace purchasing and central travel cards
Phase 2: Replace Amex with travel cards from Bank of America.


 - Small Pilot Group rollout in early January 2015
 - University wide on a rolling basis throughout the Spring semester

What’s changing?  

 - A revised payment card policy (to be released early 2015)
 - Use of a new on-line system for reviewing, approving and reconciling transactions

What will not change?

 - Will remain a corporate liability program
 - NYU will continue to make payment for authorized, policy compliant transactions

If you have any questions regarding the new payment card program, please email us at:

We’ll share more information and training materials soon, stay tuned!

November 14, 2014

Supplier On-Boarding Resources

Enrollment of new suppliers and individuals at NYU has been centralized within the newly formed Supplier On-Boarding Team which resides in Procurement.

As part of the FO&T supplier on-boarding process announced by Stephanie Pianka in August, the forms used to enroll suppliers and individuals have been updated. The updates include hyperlinks to additional online forms needed to complete the on-boarding process at NYU.

One particular area identified in delaying the enrollment process is ensuring the inclusion of the W-9 form with an authorized signature when payment for a good or service is being made. Each form requiring a W9 to be submitted with it now contains a link directly to the IRS W-9 and the Tax Compliance Notification form (for non-US individuals and entities).

In addition to these new hyperlinks, all the supplier and individual on-boarding forms and resources are available in one place on the Fiscal Officer’s Corner page on FinanceLink. Just click on the Supplier On-Boarding Resources expandable under “Related Resources” to find all the links for forms, related instructions and resources for the supplier or individual on-boarding process.

If you have any questions in regards to supplier onboarding, you can email the Supplier On-Boarding Team in Procurement at or 212-998-1030. 

October 22, 2014

Departmental Purchases at the NYU Bookstore and Computer Store

In an effort to secure and streamline departmental purchases made at the NYU Book and Computer Stores, the paper, approved purchaser “lists” maintained by the Stores will be retired immediately.

Going forward departmental purchases made at the NYU Book and Computer Stores can be made using the following widely utilized and easy to use methods:

Read More

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