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i-Buy NYU Single Sign On

Effective Monday November 20th, after logging into NYU Home using Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), one can now gain access to i-Buy NYU without being required to re-authenticate. 

Restriction of Gift Card Purchases on Bank of America Payment Cards

The following communication was sent to Fiscal Officer’s on November 6, 2017.

Background:  The IRS considers all gift cards cash and cash equivalents subject to tax regardless of the amount of the gift card (e.g. a $1 gift card is subject to tax).  Bank of America Payment Cards cannot track and break out gift card purchases; they just track the merchant, e.g., CVS.

It has been brought to our attention that gift cards have been charged to Bank of America Payment Cards.  Approximately $99K in gift cards has been purchased FY 2017 at various retailers.

A few examples of retailers and gift card purchases are listed below:

  • $ 370.49 Amazon Mktplace              
  • $ 2,015.95 AMEX Gift Cards                  
  • $ 300.00 Chipotle 2090                  
  • $ 50.00 CVS/Pharmacy                  
  • $ 304.95 Duane Reade                  
  • $ 200.00 Eataly Net USA LLC  
  • $ 730.26 LLC
  • $ 150.00 McNally
  • $ 124.20 National Gift Card
  • $ 25.00 Panera Digital Gftcrd
  • $ 276.00 Shake Shack 1102
  • $ 120.00 Starbucks Store 00847           

These purchases are now restricted on the P-Card.  We updated the Global Payment Card Policy for this change.  A copy of the updated Global Payment Card Policy is attached.

The Accounts Payable (A/P) team administers the existing procedures for gift card purchases.  Michael Wallace, Manager, Accounts Payable, can order gift cards for your schools and units, as requests are submitted via FinanceLink.  Upon receipt of list of gift card recipients, addresses, and tax ID #s, the A/P team will document the gift card purchases and any income tax implications to specific individuals.

A spreadsheet with your past gift card purchases is enclosed for FY 2017 for your review.  Please note that we expect you to provide documentation on future gift cards issued to your staff by Accounts Payable to ensure the inclusion of this income in the W2 forms.

Also, please maintain sufficient budget in your default P-Card / CTA chartfields to avoid any delays when NYU pays Bank of America for the university.  If you wish to review the default chartfields for your school or unit, the Global Payment Card team can provide you with the list upon your request.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

November 6, 2017

Clarification on Process for Standing Orders

The following communication was sent to Fiscal Officer’s on October 26, 2017.

We are writing to provide clarification on the processes for Standing Orders.  Please note the following (and please share with your  i-Buy NYU Shoppers/Requestors):


Open FY17 Standing Orders were rolled as part of the overall PO roll into FY18. We apologize for any confusion caused by prior communications stating FY17 Standing Orders were closed. 

Effective Monday November 20, 2017 all remaining OPEN FY17 Standing Orders will be closed.  If appropriate, please ensure new FY18 Standing Orders are opened to avoid disruptions.

FY18 and Future Fiscal Years:

For all future year-end close processes the following will be initiated:

  1. Standing Orders that meet the criteria of (a) open balance greater than $250 and (b) activity within the last 120 days will be rolled forward to the new fiscal year.

    All other Standing Orders will be closed as per the standard year-end PO close process.

  2. The Standing Orders rolled forward to the new fiscal year will remain open for a period of six weeks in order for any lagging invoices to be paid.

  3. Invoices for Standing Orders that were rolled to the new fiscal year will be charged to the new fiscal year.   Accruals should be submitted if the goods / services were received prior to 8/31.

  4. Once the six week period into the new Fiscal Year is met, all prior year Standing Orders will be closed.

PLEASE NOTE: Standing orders are not auto renewed on yearly basis. Each school and unit is responsible for submitting a new Standing Order each year for those they wish to renew.

For questions regarding Standing Orders please contact Financelink at or 212-998-1111.

October 26, 2017

A Revised Version of the Signature Authority Policy is Now Available.

A revision has been made to the Signature Authority Policy as it relates to equipment leases. Click here for the policy

Please send requests for approval along with a copy of the lease agreement to the University Treasurer, Janine Wilcox at

Bid Waiver Guidelines

Procurement has created helpful Bid Waiver Form Guidelines to assist in clarifying for the University when and how the Bid Waiver Form should be used. The Guidelines are easily accessible here.

A Revised Version of the Business Expenses Policy is Now Available.

The revisions include:

  1. Sales Tax (Page 7)
  2. Travel Insurance (Page 10)
  3. Extended Travel (Page 13) 

Click here for the policy

New Supplier Request Form for Guest Reimbursements and i-Buy NYU Day 2 Enhancements

The following communication was sent to all i-Buy NYU Requestors, Advanced Requestors and FOs on June 6, 2017.

The i-Buy NYU Team is pleased to announce new updates to i-Buy NYU.

Supplier Request Form for Guest Reimbursements

The new Supplier Request Form for Guest Reimbursements will be available in i-Buy NYU on Monday June 12th. The Supplier Request Form for Guest Reimbursements should be used only when NYU has agreed to reimburse an individual for costs (transportation, hotel and meal expenses) they incur when traveling to / from the University.

To access the Supplier Request Form for Guest Reimbursements in i-Buy NYU:

  1. From the main menu, hover over the Suppliers icon, click on Requests, then the Submit Supplier Requests link
  2. Within the drop-down menu, click on Guest Reimbursement Request

When using the Supplier Request Form for Guest Reimbursements, i-Buy NYU users will be responsible for obtaining and entering the following required Payee information:

  • Payee name
  • Payee address
  • Payee phone and email
  • Wire transfer information (Payees with addresses outside the United States only.)

Payees with an address in the United States will be paid via check which will be mailed to the address provided. ACH is not available for guest reimbursements. Payees with an address outside the United States will be paid via wire transfer.

The payee will not be sent an invitation to register. The Supplier Onboarding team will manually create the payee as a supplier in i-Buy NYU for a single-time use. Once the payee is successfully registered as a supplier in i-Buy NYU, the NYU requestor will receive an email notification and can then submit a request for payment using the existing Guest Travel/Reimbursable Expenses Form. Once payment is made, the supplier will be deactivated in i-Buy NYU.

Step-by-step instructions for completing the Supplier Request Form for Guest Reimbursements can be accessed here.

Day 2 Enhancements – Grant and DOA - Go-live Monday June 12th

The i-Buy NYU Team has partnered with the software provider, Jaggaer, to implement system updates for Grant Approvals and DOA Approvals. These updates were previously presented at the March FO Operational Meeting and i-Buy NYU Super User meetings.

Grant Approvals updates:

Reminder: Approvals for transactions impacting Funds 24 / 25 use the Departmental Administrator (DA) / Principal Investigator (PI) data entered by SPA in FAME. There can only be one DA and one PI used for approvals per project. Approval workflow updates for grant-related transactions include:

  • i-Buy NYU will auto-approve requisitions submitted by a DA that are < $5k.
  • Requisitions submitted by a DA that are >$5k will continue to route to PI for approval.
    • If PI is traveling, DA can submit a comment on the purchase requisition to Procurement that includes PI email of approval as an attachment.
  • i-Buy NYU will auto-approve requisitions submitted by a PI that are <$10k.
    • These will route to DA for approval but will not route to PI for approval.
  • i-Buy NYU will route requisitions submitted by a PI that are >$10k to FO for approval.
  • i-Buy NYU will route requisitions where a DA or PI is missing in FAME to the Fiscal Officer for approval.

With the exception of Sub-Awards, invoice approval activity will be performed by DA only. PI’s will only approve Sub-Award related invoices.

DOA Approvals updates:

Reminder: Approvals for transactions impacting non-research funds (not 24/25) follow the Delegation of Authority (DOA) established for each school and unit. Approval workflow updates for DOA-related transactions include:

  • i-Buy NYU approval workflow will “review” the approvers associated with a purchase requisition / payment request form to determine if the requestor = approver at any level of DOA.
  • If i-Buy NYU identifies situations where requestor = approver and they are the sole approver at that level, it will escalate that particular approval to the next level up in DOA.
    • For example, if Requestor = Sole Level 5 approver, i-Buy NYU will escalate approval to Level 4 approver in DOA.
  • i-Buy NYU will review the approval workflow to identify any instances where a required approver at any level is blank.
  • If i-Buy NYU identifies situations where a required approver is blank, it will escalate that approval to the next level in accordance with the DOA.
  • If Requestor = Level 2 approver, escalation will be to FO.

For questions about these enhancements please contact Financelink at or 212-998-1111. 

June 6, 2017

New Supplier Request Form for Guest Reimbursements

The new Supplier Request Form for Guest Reimbursements will be available in i-Buy NYU effective June 12. 2017. The Supplier Request Form for Guest Reimbursements should be used only when NYU has agreed to reimburse an individual for costs they incur for coming to the University for an engagement.

The form is available in the i-Buy NYU Supplier Request dropdown along with the New Supplier Request and Supplier Update Request.
Some examples for using the Supplier Request Form for Guest Reimbursements:

  • Reimbursement of travel expenses only for guest speakers who are not receiving any speaker fee.
  • Reimbursement of travel expenses for visiting prospective students.
  • Refunds of fees paid; i.e. application fees

Note: If there is a mix of both reimbursements, and honorarium payments or other compensation for services, the Supplier Request Form for Guest Reimbursements cannot be used.

Once the supplier is entered and approved, the Guest Reimbursement payment request form in i-Buy NYU can be used by the requestor to get the actual payment completed. After the payment has been made the supplier will be inactivated from further payments.

Notes: Payees with a US based address will be paid via check which will be mailed to the address provided. ACH/Direct Deposit is not available for guest reimbursements.

Non US based payees with foreign addresses will be paid via wire transfer. Wire transfers are the payment mechanism for payments to non US based bank accounts. The NYU requestor must obtain the banking information of Non US based payees so that the information can be verified prior to the wire being done. If the country of the individual is outside the United States, the form will automatically require the banking info and document upload.

The payee will not be sent an invitation to register. The NYU requestor will be notified that the supplier is active. Once the supplier is active in i-Buy NYU, the Guest Travel / Reimbursable Expenses form should be used to make the payment. The supplier will be inactivated after payment is made.

Please visit our step-by-step instruction/Tip Sheet (add link) on how to fill out the Supplier Request Form for Guest Reimbursements.

For questions about the new Supplier Request Form for Guest Reimbursements, please contact Financelink at or 212-998-1111. 

June 6, 2017

New Legal Requirements for Honoraria Payments 

The following communication regarding "New Legal Requirements for Honoraria Payments" was sent to FOs, HROs and all i-Buy NYU Advanced Requestors on May 12, 2017.  

Dear Colleagues:

In order to comply with the new NYC Freelance Worker Protection Law, beginning May 15, 2017, the following process must be followed for all honorariums:

  • The honorarium recipient and a representative of the University (with signatory authority) must sign a new “honorarium agreement” before the honorarium activity may commence (Note: A link to the agreement will be available in i-Buy NYU, the HRO Blog and on beginning May 15, 2017). This is the only form acceptable to ensure NYU’s compliance with new regulations. Individual contracts and agreements from schools or units may not be used.
  • Once the honorarium activity is completed, the Requestor must invite the recipient to complete the supplier registration process in i-Buy NYU. This process remains unchanged.
  • Once the recipient is a registered supplier in i-Buy NYU, the Requestor must submit the existing Honoraria/Limited Engagement Form in i-Buy NYU to initiate payment and attach the signed Honorarium Agreement at the “Internal Attachments”.


For questions about this new process, please contact FinanceLink at or 212-998-1111.

May 12, 2017

An upgraded version of NYU myTime is here!

NYU Payroll is excited to share that an upgraded version of myTime, NYU’s timekeeping system, is now available.

This upgrade does not change how you complete everyday tasks in myTime. When you access myTime, you will notice an updated look and feel, and more current user experience in the system.

Upgrading myTime helps to ensure NYU is using the supported version of the application and also allows for future enhancements.


  • If you enter time in myTime, please remember to enter or confirm all time worked and time off requests from this week’s scheduled downtime (April 26, 5pm - May 1, 8am)
  • If you are a myTime approver, please remember to review and approve time sheets

Help & Questions

  • Updated guides and FAQs are available at
    For questions, contact PeopleLink at or 212-992-LINK (5465)
  • For further assistance, drop by a myTime upgrade help session hosted by the myTime team, located at 105 East 17th Street, Room 199:
    • Monday, May 1, 3pm - 5pm
    • Wednesday, May 3, 2pm - 4pm
    • Friday, May 5, 1pm - 3pm 

An upgraded version of NYU myTime is coming soon.

NYU Payroll is excited to share that myTime, NYU’s timekeeping system, will be upgraded at the end of April.

How you complete tasks in myTime will remain the same. This upgrade will introduce a new look and feel in myTime and provide NYU employees with a more current user experience.

For a preview of the upgraded myTime, take a look at a comparison of current and future screens.

Upgrade & Downtime

  • The upgraded version of myTime will be available on April 28th
  • myTime will be unavailable for approximately 1.5 days prior to the upgrade. ID Card Readers and Hand Recognition Terminals can continue to be used to record time during this downtime.
  • NYU Payroll will email myTime users with specific dates and times for the downtime.

Resources & Questions

  • Updated myTime guides and more information will be shared via email and at closer to April 28th.
  • For questions, contact PeopleLink at or 212-992-LINK (5465).

April 6, 2017

New Procedure for Compromised Payment Cards 

The following communication was sent to Fiscal Officers and Payment Card Approvers on 12/22/16. Bank of America’s New Procedure for Compromised Payment Cards

Dear Fiscal Officers & Card Approvers,

Please share the attached with your cardholders.
We wish to pass on Bank of America’s new procedures handling compromised cards. Payment cards impacted by stolen card data due to successful hacking of a merchant are considered compromised. Not all compromised cards generate fraudulent transactions.

A large number of payment cards were compromised at merchants in the past few weeks. This is an issue for selected vendors, not specifically an NYU issue. The bank is being proactive in replacing cards before any fraud occurs. As soon as Bank of America identifies cards to be part of a Data Compromise at a particular merchant, the bank re-issues these payment cards. Please be advised, New York University is not made aware of the payment cards impacted by the compromise and/or the merchants involved.

If a payment card is compromised, a replacement card is mailed to the Global Payment Card team at 105 East 17th Street, New York, NY 10003, without advance notification. The team will reach out to the cardholder via email when the replacement card is available for pick up. The cardholder’s current payment card will remain open for another 30 days. Bank of America includes a note within the card envelope disclosing the date of cancelation of the existing card.

The replacement payment card must be activated by the cardholder calling 1-844-861-4373. Re-registration (different than activation) of the card is not necessary. The PIN will remain the same on the replacement card. The compromised cards must be discarded as soon as the replacement cards are activated.

As soon as the cardholder or card approver log in to the GRAM system, both the new and old payment cards will be displayed in a drop down menu on the Home Page.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.


The Global Payment Card Team

December 22, 2016

The following communication was sent on 6/27/16.

i-Buy NYU is Live

We are happy to announce that i-Buy NYU is live as of today, June 27. As a reminder, i-Buy NYU replaces eReq, the Business Payment Form (BUS5000), and the Payment to Individuals form (IND4000). Please be sure to share this news with your buying and paying staff.

To Access i-Buy NYU:

  1. Login to using your NYU Net ID and Password
  2. Click on the Work tab
  3. Scroll down to the “Buying and Paying” section and click on i-Buy NYU

Important Dates

Please refer to the below list of dates for ordering and paying for goods and services moving forward:

  • June 27: i-Buy NYU is live and the Business Payment Form (BUS5000) and Payment to Individuals Form (IND4000A) are retired. AP will resume processing PO-related invoices. eReq will continue to be available for read-only purposes. Any invoices received locally now and going forward should be emailed to
  • June 28: Invoice images and approval data from Flextecs can be requested by contacting the FinanceLink Service Center ( or x81111)
  • July 1 & August 1: Recurring payments will be executed via NYU’s legacy method (i-Buy NYU recurring payments will be executed beginning September 1, 2016)

Training & Resources
The i-Buy NYU Resource Portal contains helpful resources and important updates including the following:

  •  The Q&A Section contains a link to i-Buy NYU Frequently Asked Questions
  • The i-Buy NYU Training Materials tab includes links to quick Videos and step-by-step Tip Sheets, illustrating key functionality and features in the i-Buy NYU system
  • The Presentation and Resources tab provides links to the Buying & Paying Guide, Change Order Matrix, and Commodity Code-to-Account Code Mapping Document

All videos and step-by-step tip sheets can also be accessed centrally via iLearn. Simply login to NYU iLearn via the Work tab of NYUHome and search for course PUR 007: i-Buy NYU Key Features & Functionality.

To aid in the overall transition of i-Buy NYU, an i-Buy NYU support hotline and email address is now active. Please feel free to contact FinanceLink (212-998-1111 or for all questions and assistance with i-Buy NYU.  

June 27, 2016

PeopleSync Scheduled Downtime

The email below was sent to HR Officers, Finance Officers, and NYUAD stakeholders on June 10, 2016

To all HR Officers, Finance Officers, and NYUAD stakeholders,

There are a number of initiatives going live this coming academic year, the most significant of which is the integration of NYU Shanghai into PeopleSync. This integration will require system downtime in order to load configuration data, convert transactions, and do the necessary verification to make sure that our production system is functioning as expected. All activities must be completed in July in order to be ready for Workday 27 upgrade activities which start in early August.

We reviewed the July calendar of activities with all central HR and Finance departments to come up with the following PeopleSync system downtime schedule after taking into consideration all the activities that are happening, including the AMI schedule.

We will do our best to minimize downtime and will release the systems early, if work is completed for a given day. But we request all HR and Finance users plan their work accordingly to ensure you can meet deadlines given the scheduling constraints.

The PeopleSync Production system will be unavailable to all users during the dates and times below.

For questions on the schedule, please send an email to Thank you for your cooperation.


New York
Days & Times
Abu Dhabi
Days & Times
Week of July 5th
(4 hours each day)
Tue - Fri
8pm - 12am
Wed - Sat
4am – 8am
July 9th - 10th  
(12 hours each day)
Sat - Sun
11am - 11pm
Sat - Sun
7pm – 7am
July 16th - 17th
(12 hours each day)
Sat - Sun
11am - 11pm
Sat - Sun
7pm – 7am
Week of July 18th
(4 hours each day)
Mon - Fri
8pm - 12am

Tue - Sat
4am – 8am

July 30th  & 31th
(8 hours each day)
Sat - Sun
10am - 6pm
Sat - Sun
6pm - 2am
August 4th - 5th
(4 hours each day)
Thu - Fri
8pm - 12am
Fri - Sat
4am – 8am
August 13th  and 14th
(8 hours each day)
Sat - Sun
10am - 6pm
Sat - Sun
6pm - 2am
August 20th  and 21th
(8 hours each day)
Sat - Sun
10am - 6pm
Sat - Sun
6pm - 2am
August 27th  and 28th
(8 hours each day)
Sat - Sun
10am - 6pm
Sat - Sun
6pm - 2am

Project Lighthouse & i-Buy NYU

As announced at the last Financial Forum, Project Lighthouse is currently underway. As part of this effort to improve how the NYU community buys goods/services and pays suppliers, we are implementing a new system, i-Buy NYU, to better streamline the requisitioning, invoicing and payment process. i-Buy NYU is targeted to go live in June of this year and will:

  • Improve transparency into the ordering and payment processes
  • Ensure a user friendly experience with an easy-to-navigate platform
  • Adopt a simple and consistent solution, using best-in-class processes and technology
  • Automate manual processes to increase efficiency, consistency and timeliness of transaction processing
  • Implement simplified, yet effective, controls

System sneak peeks are scheduled in January and March, 2016. To attend a sneak peek, or for more information about the project, please contact

January 21, 2016 (Updated March 25, 2016)

Requesting Access to UDW+ University Departmental Metrics (UDM)

The Chartfield Access Authorization Form now includes a section to request access to the reporting departments for UDW+ Departmental Metrics Dashboard (UDM) and the proposals tabs on the D03. Grants Management Dashboard.

When an individual from your department requests chartfield access to either one of these reporting departments, you will receive an email asking to approve or deny their request.

Please note that in addition to chartfield access for UDW+ Departmental Metrics Dashboard (UDM), users will need to request UDM reporting access by contacting the Decision Support Group at or 212-998-2900, and also receiving approval from their Dean.

Click here for instructions.

If you have any questions, please contact the FinanceLink Service Center at 212-998-1111 or

November 19, 2015

JEMS Upgrade

An interim version of the JEMS application (“JEMS2”) will be available beginning on Thursday, August 6th at 9:00 AM (EST). The JEMS2 Application will be used for the remainder of FY15 and thereafter until a long-term solution is reviewed and validated.

JEMS2 and the original JEMS have the same process and functionality for preparing and submitting a journal entry.

Read More

Accounts Payable (AP) Workflow Upgrade

To ensure AP Workflow is on a stable and supported technical platform, an improved version of the application is now available.

What’s Changed?

  • The application is now accessible directly from the Work tab of NYU Home under Additional Services.
  • The approval “workflow” uses ServiceLink functionality.
  • All email notifications will now come from ServiceLink.

Changes for Approvers

Changes for Initiators

  • New Resubmit Functionality:
    • User gets an email of the Rejection
    • After making the changes in AP Workflow, a resubmit button will be available on the Preview page
  • Option to remit payment to a credit card will only be visible to those with an NYU issued corporate card. Card numbers will not be visible
  • All supporting documentation is now required to be attached electronically to the request

Updated July 13, 2015

Are you a PI or Dept Admin with a Subaward Project?

Use the subaward invoicing system to manage payments to your subawardees! Click here for more information. A quick reference guide and training video are also available to help you navigate the system.

Questions? Contact the SPA Team Analyst for your school.

February 10, 2015

Gifts to Employees

Per IRS Regulations, Cash gifts (including gift cards, gift certificates charge card, credit card, etc.), no matter how little, are considered taxable income and are subject to withholding tax.

IRS Publication 15-B - Cash and cash equivalent fringe benefits (for example, use of gift card, charge card, or credit card), no matter how little, are never excludable as a de minimis benefit, except for occasional meal money or transportation fare.

November 18, 2014