A new online form and process for student expense reimbursements and other payments (e.g. awards, gifts) will replace the EXP2000S & EXP3000S paper forms. Requests will be approved and paid via NYU Albert (SIS).

Transitioning online standardizes the request and approval process, improves request-status visibility, and most importantly, reduces the turnaround time so students are paid sooner!

This process will be introduced to schools and departments on a rolling basis starting in March, 2020.

Information for Students

Please review our tip sheet that answers frequently asked questions (FAQs).

This page contains resources for staff members. If you are a student, please visit Bursar Student Reimbursements.

What is Changing?

Decorative Student Reimbursements Hero Image

  • An online request form will replace the paper forms
  • Reviews and approvals will be managed in NYU Albert
  • Student data will no longer be stored in FAME and students will be paid based on their Bursar (eSuite) direct deposit account set up in Albert

Why This Matters

  • Quicker turnaround time and faster payment 
  • Simplified online approvals and tracking 
  • Improved visibility into request status 
  • Less paper helps make a greener NYU
  • Ensures a secure single platform for storing student data


Please refer to the tip sheet below. If additional help is needed, please contact FinanceLink at or 212-998-1111.