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Requisition & Purchase Orders

A Purchase Order (PO) is a contract for suppliers to provide goods/services to the University and for the University to pay for those goods/services according to the agreed terms. Before a purchase order gets issued a requisition needs to be created.

Currently POs can only be created in i-Buy NYU. Legacy POs are available in a read-only view in the University's legacy procure-to-pay system, eReq.

i-Buy NYU

i-Buy NYU

i-Buy NYU is the University's system for requisitioning,  paying suppliers, and procuring goods and services.

To use i-Buy NYU, log in to the Work tab of NYU Home, search for the Buying and Paying channel, and click on the i-Buy NYU link or you can log in to i-Buy NYU via this link.

i-Buy NYU Resources

The i-Buy NYU Resource Portal (NYUHome login required) contains tip sheets, training modules, presentations, and additional project materials about i-Buy NYU.

Order Forms

i-Buy NYU houses automated order forms for Catering, Venues/Events, Subawards, Bid Waiver Orders, Change Orders, and Standing Orders reside within NYU i-Buy

Learn More about Purchase Order Forms

Ask a Question
About a PO

Choose Procurement Operations from the Servicelink Form to direct your request (NYUHome Login required).

Ask a question about a Purchase Order

Request for Proposal (RFP)

Information and resources on how and when to develop a Request for Proposal (RFP).

Learn More about the RFP process

Requisition Approvals

Approval workflows for purchase requisitions (excluding Funds 24/25), will be driven by the existing Delegation of Authority matrix for each school/division and reflective of current signature authority policy thresholds.

Approval workflows for Funds 24/25 requisitions will be driven by the existing Departmental Administrator (DA) and Principal Investigator (PI) data within FAME, with the following rules:

  • For Grant POs (excluding subawards) up to $5,000, approval will be required by Dept. Admin
  • For Grant POs (excluding subawards) exceeding $5,000, approval will be required by both Dept. Admin and PI
  • For all Subaward requisitions and invoices, approval will be required by both Dept. Admin and PI, irrespective of dollar amount

Types of Purchase Orders

For information and resources about the transition to i-Buy NYU, visit the Transitions with Project Lighthouse/i-Buy NYU page.

Order Type


Standing Order Form

(PO# prefix SiB)

Repetitive, specified services or items, or categories of items, from the same supplier over period of up to one year, or on a monthly basis.

The University is obtaining more favorable pricing through volume commitments.

Contract is in place with the supplier along with negotiated pricing.

Catalog/PunchOut Order

(PO# prefix iB)

Staples, CDW, or any supplier that has been set up on the Marketplace with contracted pricing and goods/services.

Services/Non Catalog Order  

(PO # prefix iB)

One time goods or service orders allowing for free form descriptions.

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Found It Cheaper?

Found It Cheaper?

Have you found a cheaper price than what is currently offered to NYU for goods and services? Submit a form about what you found to NYU Procurement.
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Capital Equipment &
Asset Management

  • Equipment and components over $3000 may be considered Capital Equipment
  • All Capital Equipment needs to be tagged and disposed of following University policy

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