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Supplier Information

This page contains information about how NYU onboards and works with suppliers.


In June 2016, NYU introduced a new system, i-Buy NYU (powered by SciQuest), which manages all buying and paying activity. Coupled with this effort, NYU has also partnered with SciQuest to provide individual suppliers and entities with a secure Supplier Portal.

Supplier Portal

Upon successfully registering as an NYU Supplier, all Suppliers will have access to a secure portal allowing them to:

  • Access invoices and look up payment status
  • Update address, phone number or other contact information
  • Edit your payment method or banking details

To login to the Supplier Portal, Suppliers should review the email confirmation received from NYU. If you have already registered, you can click the link below.

Registering as an NYU Supplier

All suppliers must receive an invitation to register from NYU in order to begin the supplier registration process. New supplier requests can be initiated by an NYU employee via a web form in i-Buy NYU.

Supplier requests are reviewed by NYU’s supplier onboarding team. If selected to provide goods and services to NYU, the Supplier will receive an invitation to complete a full profile in NYU’s Supplier Portal.

This process will require tax ID information, payment information and order information to be completed. Suppliers may update their information within the Supplier Portal at any time.

We have developed the below guides to assist Suppliers with any questions about the registration process.

Payment Terms and Processing

Payment Processing

All invoices should be sent The full PO number should be listed on the invoice to ensure expeditious processing.

The University encourages the use of electronic payments, rather than paper checks, by offering more favorable payment terms on electronic payments. For more detail, please see the Payment Terms section below.

Payment terms are calculated based on the date of the invoice. It is important that invoices be sent to in order to avoid payment delays.

Payment Terms*

NYU pays invoices based on the terms established contractually. If no contract for payment terms exist, terms are calculated as outlined below.

Wire Transfer: Payment will be issued 5 days from invoice date.

Credit Card: Payment will be issued 15 days from invoice date.

ACH: Payment will be issued 30 days from invoice date.

Check: Payment will be issued 60 days from invoice date.

For suppliers operating as an individual (Tax ID is SSN), payment will be issued 5 days from invoice date.

*Payment is dependent on the timely completion of all NYU departmental approvals.