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Payment Resources

Using the Business Payment Form

business payment form

Common Mistakes with Business Payment Form:

  • Used to attempt to pay individuals
  • Non-US is not checked off

Business Payment Form (BUS5000) Instructions

Using the Payment to Individuals Form

payment to individuals

Common Mistakes When Using the Payment to Individuals Form:

Payments via Check

Checks held for pick-up can be picked-up from receptionist on 4th floor of 105 East 17th Street, New York, NY, 10012. Checks not picked up within 2 weeks of notification will be mailed.

AP Payment Processing Report: Week of 03/02/15
AP Payment Processing Report: Week of 02/09/15
AP Payment Processing Report: Week of 02/02/15
AP Payment Processing Report: Week of 01/26/15
AP Payment Processing Report: Week of 01/20/15

The AP Payment Processing Status Report details the status of Accounts Payable Requests in the following areas:

  • Purchase Orders
  • Blanket Orders
  • Student Reimbursments
  • AP Workflow Requests
  • Payments to Individuals
  • Business Payments
  • Rush / Mixed Requests
  • Library Invoices / Documents

The chart provides data that includes:

  • The date by which requests have been entered into FAME for processing
  • Service level agreement terms
  • The date by which Payment Requests have completed audit
  • The number of total requests pending entry in FAME by the date listed (i.e. the number of requests that have been received in AP after the cut off date listed)
  • The total number of Payment Requests entered into FAME for the Fiscal Year

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