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Payment Forms & Resources

i-Buy NYU

i-Buy NYU Payment Forms

Payment forms for businesses and individuals have been migrated to multiple forms hosted on i-Buy NYU, the University's system for procuring goods and services and paying suppliers.

To use i-Buy NYU, log in to NYU Home, search for the Buying and Paying channel in the Work tab, and click on the i-Buy NYU link.

Payment forms for the following services are available on i-Buy NYU:

Guest Travel / Reimbursable Expenses

To be used to reimburse out of pocket expenses incurred by guests of NYU for meals, travel, lodging, and cab fare.

Honoraria & Limited Engagement

To be used to accommodate engagements for speaker fees and honoraria, as well as, additional expenses including meals, travel, lodging, cab fare, and alcohol.


To be used to pay approved NYU membership expenses only.

Non-NYU Prizes or Awards

To be used to pay for prizes and awards presented to non-NYU individuals.

Royalties & Licensing for Suppliers

To be used to pay for royalties and licensing fees due from NYU to an individual (including NYU employees).

Student Expense Reimbursement Form 

This form is to be used by NYU students to request reimbursement for university business expenses.

Student Expense Reimbursement Form (EXP2000S)

Student Awards & Prizes Form 

This form is to be used to request a payment to an NYU student for an award or prize.

Student Awards & Prizes Form (EXP3000S)

Payments via Check

Checks held for pick-up can be picked-up from receptionist on 4th floor of 105 East 17th Street, New York, NY, 10012. Checks not picked up within 2 weeks of notification will be mailed.

Related Training

This tutorial is an overview of the Signature Authority policy.

Who should take this course: Any member of the University Community who seeks to process a financial transaction.

Course Duration: 5 minutes

You can access this training in iLearn, which can be found on the Work tab on NYUHome.


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