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Payment Cards

The Global Card Program Team manages the various payment card programs available for paying for goods and services at NYU.  

For Payment Card related inquiries contact the Global Card Program Team at:

Prevent Declined
Payment Card Transactions

Banks have implemented strict preventive controls to mitigate an increase in fraudulent transactions for all payment card issuers. The Global Payment Card team created out a memo about how transaction denials are triggered with steps for how to prevent them.

Read About Preventing Declined Payment Card Transactions

Monthly Payment Card Reconciliation

All transactions generated during the calendar month will be frozen at midnight on the 7th calendar day of the next month. Please remember to review and approve all outstanding transactions prior to this.

Purchasing Card (P-card)

The NYU Purchasing Card, commonly referred to as a “P-Card,” is a tool offered to New York University employees who are responsible for procuring goods and services for their department. The P-Card is a University liability Master Card used for purchasing low-dollar items not available on i-Buy NYU; it has no effect on the cardholder’s personal credit. The P-Card provides University employees with a quick and convenient method of payment.

The P-Card may not be used for travel-related expenses.  

Corporate Travel Account

The CTA card is used for business travel expenses for infrequent travelers in a department, individuals who do not have the Travel Card or personal credit card and University guests/visitors (i.e., job applicants, speakers). The CTA is a University liability card and does not impact the cardholder's personal credit.  

Travel Card

The Travel Card is an American Express Travel and Entertainment (T&E) personal liability card that is used to pay for business travel and entertainment expenses. Recommended for frequent travelers. Membership Rewards are available at the traveler’s expense. The traveler is responsible to submit expense reimbursement requests via AP Workflow

Due to the individual liability on the card, the cardholder's credit rating may be impacted if payment is delayed.  

Bookstore Card

A new product designed for NYU Bookstore/Computer Store purchases.

Email for more information.

Fleet Card

A new product designed for vehicle fueling and maintenance. Weekly reconciliation is required.

Email for more information.

Related Training

This course is an overview of the Bank of America Global Reporting and Account Management (GRAM) system.The course will cover:

  • How a cardholder reviews a transaction
  • How a card approver approves a transaction

Who should take this course: All cardholders with a Purchasing Card (P-Card) and/or a Corporate Travel Account Card (CTA) and Card Approvers. This course does not include information on NYU's AMEX card

Course Duration: 10 minutes

You can access this training in NYUiLearn, which can be found on the Work tab on NYUHome.


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Payment Card

For info about P-Cards, CTAs, the American Express Corporate cards and the relevant banking reconciliation systems, please email for further assistance.

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