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Upload, Copy, Download and Print a Request



As an alternative to typing all of the information into the online request form, it is possible to start off by uploading an appropriately formatted Excel file, or by using a copy of an existing request as the draft for your new request. It is also possible to download or export request information as an Excel file or, for printing and viewing, as a PDF. Read on for details.

Uploading an Excel File

Instead of typing your request information into the BudMod form, if you prefer, you can start a new request by uploading the information contained in an Excel file.

  • The information in the file must follow a pre-specified format (see 1, below).
  • The data in the file will replace any information you may have already typed into the current request.
  • We recommend that your file contain no more than 100 lines of data. While it is possible to upload as many as 1800 lines, the longer your file, the longer it will take to upload.

1. Click the Upload button at the top right of the BudMod Form. The BudMod File Upload dialog box will open: 

  • Ensure that the file you have prepared is in the format specified in the dialog box (see 1 in the illustration above) and illustrated in our sample file:

2. Note that row 1 contains all the column heads in the exact order specified in the dialog box (the system will tolerate typos; the shading in row 1 is for illustrative purposes only and is not required). Note also that the Program Code and Project ID fields are not required.

3. Specify the Fiscal Year; click to fill the checkbox if this is a Balanced transaction; enter a description of this request in the Description field.

4. Click Browse to select the file that you wish to upload. The file upload dialog box will open:

5. Highlight the Excel file of interest, then click Open.

6. Click the Upload button at the top of the BudMod form, to upload your Excel file.

7. The information that you have just uploaded will now be displayed in the BudMod form. You can now enter any additions or edits that you wish to make, and proceed to preview and submit your Budget Modification Request.

Starting Off with a Copy of an Existing Request

As an alternative to keying in or uploading the information, you can also copy data from an existing request into a blank request form, and use it as your starting point for a new request. You can start from within the BudMod Form tab or directly on the Inquiry/Search tab.

Clicking the Copy button at the upper right of the BudMod form activates the Inquiry/Search tab. From there, you can search for and pull up the appropriate request, and copy it into the BudMod form.

For detailed instructions, please see Performing an Inquiry/Search and Using a Copy of an Existing Request to Start a New One

Downloading an Excel File or Print-Friendly PDF

It is also possible to download or export request information as an Excel file or, for printing and viewing, as a PDF. You can do this for either an existing or a just-submitted request.

  • To export (download) an existing request, use the Inquiry/Search tab (see Performing an Inquiry/Search and Exporting an Individual Request as an Excel or Print-Friendly PDF File for instructions).

To download a just-submitted request:

1. From within the BudMod Form tab, having just clicked Submit, locate the Download buttons at the top right of the Submission Confirmation screen. One button displays a green Excel icon, and the other an Adobe Reader (Acrobat) icon: need to insert this

2. Click the button corresponding to the format in which you want your request information to be downloaded. In this example, we are downloading the information as an Excel file.

3. In the File Download dialog box that opens, click Save.

Screenshot of a BudMod File Download

4. In the Save As dialog box:

a. Open the Save in menu at the top, and click to select the folder in which you wish to store the file.
b. In the File Name field, enter a new name for the file, if desired.
c. Click Save to save the file on your computer.

Printing a BudMod Request or Report

Budget Modification Request information is available in printable format:

  • From within the Budget Modification Form (see above, Downloading an Excel File or a Print-Friendly PDF);
  • From the Inquiry/Search function (see Exporting an Excel or Print-Friendly PDF File), and
  • From within your Worklist or Worklist History (see Viewing, Printing & Tracking Requests from within Worklist Notifications).