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The Budget Modification Request Form


Clicking Budget Modification Request in the work tab of NYU home launches the Budget Modification System; Click the BudMod Form tab to prepare, review and submit your budget modification requests. This help page provides an overview of the form and its fields. For step-by-step instructions, see Submitting a Request.

The Budget Modification Form Quick Tour

1. BudMod Form tab - The Budget Modification System opens to the BudMod Form tab.

  • The system has four tabs; the active tab is blue. If you are using another of the system's functions (e.g., Inquiry/Search), click the BudMod Form tab to return to it.

2. Position Budget - Check box if updating position budget. 

3. Description - Use this field to include a description of the transaction, add comments, and so on. The field can hold up to 250 characters -- approximately 40 words.

4. Business Unit – Determines which business unit a budget modification is for. Only Business Units you have access to will appear in this drop-down menu.

5. Currency – Currency will default to the base currency used by the business unit you have selected. If more than one currency is allowed in the business unit, it will appear in this drop-down menu. Changing the currency will cause the form to refresh.

6. Balanced - Use the checkbox to indicate whether your requested change is a Balanced one (that is, your requested Credit Total will equal your requested Debit Total) or Non-Balanced (your requested Credit and Debit Totals will not equal each other). 

7. One Time Adj - Click to fill the checkbox if the requested adjustment is to be a one-time adjustment. Leave the box unchecked if this change will recur in the future and is a structural change.

8. Account, Fund, Dept ID, Program, Project - Enter the chartfield of the accounts included in the current request.

  • Use a separate line for each account.
  • Use the Add Lines button (see 13) if additional lines are needed.

9. CF - The system performs an automatic check on the chartfield you've entered (see 7), as you input your information on each line.

  • A green circle indicates validation; a red circle indicates that you have entered an invalid chartfield combination or a chartfield which you are not authorized to include in a budget modification request.
  • Fund 10 chartfields will check for validation after you enter the Dept. ID. Other funds which require use of either a Program or Project will perform validation check after this required field.

10. Adjustment Amount - Enter the amount by which you wish the corresponding account to be adjusted.

11. Incr/Decr - Click, and in the dropdown menu, highlight Incr or Decr, as appropriate, to indicate whether the corresponding account is to be increased or decreased by the Adjustment Amount (see 10).

12. New “Adjusted Budget” - For each account, the system displays the new budget amount that would result from your requested change.

13. DR/CR - The system displays a Debit or Credit indicator for this transaction, based in part on the corresponding account's type (Revenue or Expense).

14. Validate Line, Delete Line - To the right of the DR/CR column, two new icons -- a question mark and a trash can -- appear at the end of each line as you enter information into the form. (They do not appear in blank forms like the one illustrated above.)

  • Click to have the system validate the corresponding line.
  • Click to delete the corresponding line. – being moved to header? Need to see demo.

15. Add Lines - Click to add one or more lines to the form -- i.e., if this request involves adjustments to more than five chartfields.

16. Upload - Click to upload information from an Excel file.

  • As an alternative to typing all of the information into the online request form, it is possible to start off by uploading an appropriately formatted Excel file.

17. Copy - Click to use data from another request in drafting the current one.

  • As another alternative to typing all of the information into the online request form, you can use a copy of an existing request as the draft for your new request. This can be helpful when a new form needs to be submitted for a denied request. The copy function performs all validations for the new request.

18. Preview/Submit - Click when you are ready to review the request and submit it for approval.

  • Copies of submitted requests can be viewed online and/or downloaded, either as an Excel file or as a print-friendly PDF.

19. Clear Form - Click to clear the form and begin again.

20. BudMod Help - Click for Budget Modification System's online help (the pages you are currently viewing).

  • For help using NYU Workflow tools, click the question mark icon at the top right of the NYU Workflow/Budget Modification System window.