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Budget Modification System Overview


Accessing BudMod

The Budget Modification System is accessed through NYU home. After logging into NYU Home with your net id and password, click on the 'Work' tab. Under the 'Administrative Systems' section use the link entitled Budget Modification Request to access the Budget Modification System and open the Budget Modification Form. 

What is the Budget Modification System?

The Budget Modification System automates the submission, routing, and approval/denial of budget modification requests. It utilizes the ServiceLink platform in conjunction with Orgs and Hierarchies maintained by the Budget Office in Oracle Hyperion DRM (Data Relationship Management) to manage routing and approval paths of budget modifications.

Approvals are automatic for budget modification requests that meet a set of business rules established by the NYU Budget Office. Otherwise, they go through a review process determined by the Budget Office, with input from the Finance Officer of the school or department associated with the transaction.

Reviewers are notified electronically that there is a transaction requiring their approval; notifications go to the Reviewer's electronic Worklist, and a reminder is sent via e-mail. The Reviewer opens each notification, reviews it, and can act upon it directly from within the notification. In addition to approving or rejecting a transaction request, a Reviewer can transfer responsibility, thereby giving approval authority to a designated recipient.

How Does It Work?

When requests are submitted, the system determines if the automatic approval requirements are met, and routes the requests accordingly. For non-automatic approvals (manual approvals), designated Reviewers are notified of those budget modification requests that require their approval. Rejected requests are returned for correction and resubmission.

A reminder is sent to the Reviewer if the Reviewer does not take action on the request within a specified time limit (five days, at present). The Requestor can view the full list of approvers for a particular budget modification within each notification and who the current owner is using the system’s inquiry tool.

Notifications appear in the Reviewer's Worklist. In addition, the Reviewer is alerted via e-mail that there is a new notification.

Once the request receives final approval, requestors are sent notifications and a Budget Journal Entry is created; transactions are posted in PeopleSync within 15 minutes and FAME within one hour after final approval and can be viewed in the Standard Reports after they are refreshed nightly.

Technical Requirements

To use the Budget Modification System, you will need an Internet-connected Windows computer, a properly configured up-to-date Web browser, and a current version of Adobe Reader (Acrobat). We recommend Internet Explorer 8.x and Adobe Reader (Acrobat) 8 or higher.

Enhancements (as of September 2016)

  • Added functionality to submit budget modifications for position budgets for Position Management
  • Developed integration with PeopleSync
  • Excluded Global Business Units from Position Management
  • Balanced Position Budget changes do not require Budget Office/SPA approval
  • Added Position ID Validation
  • Current Position Budget and Position Title viewable
  • Position ID searchable field in Inquiry tool
  • Ensured Excel upload ability works for positions

Getting Help

Recommended NYU Workflow Help Sections
(To access the NYU Workflow help, click the help tab on the top-right of the budget modification screen.)

  • Getting Started - For technical and access requirements and instructions
  • Main Menu - For an introduction to the Workflow and application channels, and the use of Workflow notifications and e-mail alerts.
  • Hints & Reminders - For important information for using Workflow efficiently and securely.