Budmod Overview

BPM BudMod Help Guide

The BPM Budget Modification System is the new tool used to create and approve budget modifications at NYU. It contains some familiar interfaces along with some new functionality and a new worklist tool called Workspace. Please see the table of contents below for a list of training suitable for both new and existing users.

  1. Overview - A basic overview of the new BPM Budget Modification System.
  2. Submitting a Request - A walk-through on how to create and submit new requests for budget modifications.
  3. The Budget Modification Form - An explanation of the various fields on the BudMod form and how to fill them out.
  4. Upload, Copy, Download, Print a Request - An explanation on some of the more complex functionality available.
  5. Inquire and Search - How to navigate and utilize the robust search functionality within BudMod.
  6. Managing Your Workspace - A guide on approving requests and managing workflow items within Workspace.