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Designated Funds Policies

The Budget Office has introduced new University-wide policies to streamline school and unit budgeting and make it easier to determine and monitor every school’s true run rate for its core operating functions. These policies will take effect with the fiscal 2017 budget. Preparing for their implementation should begin now. Full details can be found here.

Position Management

Starting on September 1, 2016 there will be a new Position Management policy applying to full-time administrative, faculty and union positions and select part-time positions.

Please refer to the linked document below for the Position Management Policy at New York University.

Position Management Policy

For more information on how Position Management works at NYU, please reference the Position Management Operational User Guide.

Budget Development

NYU schools and departments propose revenue and spending plans for the upcoming year at an annual budget meeting.  Following evaluation by the Office of Budget and Financial Planning and senior leadership of the University, the school and department is notified of its approved budget.  The budget is loaded into the University's finance system, and becomes the Original Budget on September 1.

After the Original Budget is created, NYU allows certain adjustments to the budget to accommodate new developments throughout the fiscal year. These adjustments are known as budget modifications. After modification, the original budget becomes the school or unit's Revised Budget. Financial performance of the school or department is measured against the Original Budget.   

Budget Control Rules

The Budget Control rules governing the verification process are determined by Fund and expense type, which means the system will evaluate spending differently depending on the Fund and expense account. The Budget Control rules ensure that a school or department has sufficient budget resources to pay salaries and purchase goods and services.