Financial Accounting and Reporting at NYU

The primary goal of accounting is to present financial data in a logical and meaningful way to provide anyone with the ability to evaluate how the organization is performing. For NYU, this could include the President, Faculty, Students, Donors, Staff, Alumni, New York City, the Federal Government and the Global community.

Accounting also impacts when a transaction will be shown on a report, and what must happen in order for a transaction to be considered reportable. Knowing why reports are organized a certain way, and what drives the numbers that are shown on the reports, will help increase the effectiveness of using and interpreting the reports.

Journal Entry Management System (JEMS)

The Journal Entry Management System (JEMS) was developed through a collaboration between the Office of the Controller and NYU IT to improve the internal controls relating to the creation, approval, and validation of "Actuals" journal entries posted in the University's general ledger (FAME).

A JEMS User Guide is available in the "Help" section of the "JEMS" application.

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