UDW+ Student Reporting Access Process

  1. Locate your Authorized Account Requester and inform him/her that you would like access to the UDW+ Student Academic Management Dashboard and/or UDW+ Student Data Ad Hoc.
  2. Training requirements for access to the UDW+ Student Academic Management Dashboard:
    1. Complete FERPA training.
    2. If you are a current UDW+ user, no additional UDW+ training is required. However, if you are new to UDW+, complete STU 010: UDW+ Student Academic Dashboard Training via NYU iLearn.
  3. Prerequisites and training requirements for advanced access to UDW+ Student Records Ad Hoc Reporting:
    1. We recommend you first become familiar with the reports and data available within the UDW+ Student Academic Management Dashboard.
    2. A certain technical skill set is needed: experience building ad hoc reports and highly proficient in excel and access.
    3. You must have a thorough understanding of Student reporting data.
    4. If you meet the above defined criteria, attend STU 050: UDW+ Student Ad Hoc Reports Classroom Training* (3 hr in-classroom session) available for enrollment via NYU iLearn.
    5. Follow-up customizes workshops are available on demand. Contact udwplus@nyu.edu.  
  4. Please allow three business days. You will receive a 'Welcome email' once your access is granted.

Please note: Individuals that are granted access to UDW+ student reporting, will be able to view all the following dashboards:

  • UDW+ Student Academic Management Dashboard
  • UDW+ Registration Pipeline Dashboard
  • UDW+ Retention Dashboard
  • UDW+ Academic Planner Dashboard

UDW+ Student Dashboard Tutorial and Metadata

  • Individuals who have access to other UDW+ Dashboards such as Finance, HR or Departmental Metrics, are not required to complete any additional UDW+ specific training to access the UDW+ Student Academic Management Dashboard (Registrar approval and FERPA training completion are still mandatory). However, they are encouraged to view the UDW+ Student Dashboard Tutorial, that will give them an overview of the Student specific content covered in the dashboard. This tutorial can be launched at anytime from within the dashboard (by clicking "Dashboard Tutorial" in the upper left-hand corner of the page header), and can be used for future reference.
  • Dashboard metadata provides important information about the content and reports included on each page.To view the metadata, once you are on the UDW+ Student Academic Management Dashboard, simply click on About this Page on the upper left-hard corner of each tab.

Instructions for Authorized Account Requester

  1. Log in to the Registrar’s Account Request Application.  
  2. Enter the Account Holder Information.
  3. Scroll down to Reporting.
  4. Select either UDW+ Student Dashboard Access and/or UDW+ Ad Hoc.
  5. Submit form.

*An alternative to digitally accessible training is available by contacting the Decision Support Group.