How to get access to UDW+ for Financial Reporting and Analytics

1. Register for FIN 800: UDW+ Dashboards Online Training* through iLearn. Choose the appropriate module(s) as shown below.

FIN 800: UDW+ Dashboards Online Training is composed of seven modules, each relating to a corresponding quiz. This image represents the overall course and the individual modules.

For example: If you want access to the Financial Operations Dashboard, you would go to iLearn, and register for FIN 800: UDW+ Dashboards Online Training which will lead you to the image shown to the left. From there, choose the "I manage budgets and track expenses. Required for access to the Financial Operations Dashboard" module (the top rectangle in the image above). After completing that module, you would register for FIN 801: UDW+ Financial Operations Dashboard Quiz. Upon passing the quiz with a score of 100%, you will receive an email from iLearn with instructions on requesting access to UDW+.

2. Register for and complete the appropriate quiz through iLearn. The quiz information will be provided at the end of the FIN 800: UDW+ Online Training course. You must pass with a score of 100%.

3. Upon successful completion of the quiz, you will receive a confirmation email from iLearn stating that training has been completed. Access to UDW+ will be granted within three business days.

4. Once your access has been granted, you will receive another confirmation email containing important system requirements and helpful links. You may also take advantage of additional UDW+ training course offerings.

As a reminder, your report access is based upon the iLearn quiz(zes) you completed. Your data access is based upon your current Chartfield Security. Please click here for the Chartfield Access Authorization Form to request access if needed.

*An alternative to digitally accessible training is available by contacting the Decision Support Group.