UDW+ Grants Management Dashboard Training and Access

Full Version

UDW+ Grants Management Dashboard - Full Version


The full version of the UDW+ Grants Management Dashboard provides useful financial information to Principal Investigators and Grant Administrators for managing grants and other fund sources (such as gifts and start-ups). It includes ability to view all grants financials on one page including grants that might require attention such as grants coming to the end, grants with insufficient balances, or waiting for funding from the sponsors. Information is available at the summary level with ability to drill-down to additional details, and is also viewable by calendar, grant, or fiscal years.  

Training requirement:

An online training tutorial of about 20-30 minutes is available through NYU iLearn. To ensure basic understanding and knowledge of the Grants Management Dashboard, upon completion of the training tutorial, you will be asked to answer a few questions.

To gain access:

  1. Login to NYU iLearn.
  2. In the "Search for a Course" box, type "FIN 800".
  3. From the search results, open FIN 800: UDW+ Dashboards Online Training. From the available training modules listed, select Grants Management Dashboard (for PI) and complete the tutorial. (Please note that you will see two modules for the Grants Management Dashboard. One is intended for the PIs, and one for the Grant Admins. Be sure to select the correct module.)
  4. Upon completion of the FIN 800 tutorial, go back to the Course Catalog and search for "FIN 803". (Please note that iLearn also contains FIN 804: UDW+ Grants Mgmnt Dashboard (for Grant Admins) Quiz, which are questions intended for the Grant Administrators. Please be sure to select FIN 803: UDW+ Grants Mgmnt Dashboard (for PI) Questions.)
  5. Complete the few questions in the FIN 803: UDW+ Grants Mgmnt Dashboard (for PI) Questions.

Access to the full Grants Management Dashboard will be granted within three business days. At which point you will receive an email confirmation containing a link to the UDW+ Grants Management Dashboard browser client. Simply download and install the client to begin using UDW+.

Lite Version

UDW+ Grants Management Dashboard - Lite Version


The lite version of the UDW+ Grants Management Dashboard is designed specifically for the Principal Investigator and provides a very high-level overview of grants financials (including other funds such as gifts and start-ups) along with the ability to view who and what is being charged to the grant.

Training requirement:

The lite version is intuitive with minimal system interaction, and therefore, training is not required.

Accessing the dashboard:

  1. DOWNLOAD THE UDW+ CLIENT: The UDW+ Client is an easy-to-install and easy-to-use browser specifically configured for UDW+ use. Click on the appropriate link below to install. 

When finished, the UDW+ Grants Management Icon will be located on your desktop. If the client asks to be your default browser when you open it, choose "No".

UDW+ Client for PC
UDW+ Client for Mac

NOTE: If you experience issues accessing UDW+, please log into NYUHome and click on the Work tab. Within this page, click the Login button under the Administrative Systems menu. After logging in, close the window and re-launch the UDW+ client.

If you are working off-campus, be sure to log in to VPN beforehand.

2. NAVIGATE TO DASHBOARD: Once you have logged into UDW+, hover your mouse over the Dashboards menu on the right-hand side of the UDW+ home screen. Within the Grants Management sub-menu, click on the Grants Dashboard Lite link.


  • Appropriate chartfield access is required to view financial information for grants. Please speak to your fiscal officer to request chartfield access, or email fin.ops@nyu.edu.
  • Reporting Department access is required for Department Administrators to view the Proposals page of the Grants Management Dashboard. For more information, contact the Decision Support Group.