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Roles and Responsibilities

Five key roles contribute to the UDW+ Data Governance structure:

UDW+ Program Director

For UDW+ they:

  • Develop the data governance infrastructure strategy, including policies, roles, responsibilities and processes
  • Monitor the overall effectiveness of the data governance structure

Data Trustees

For UDW+ they:

  • Oversee the establishment of data management policies and processes
  • Assign Data Stewards
  • Serve as an escalation point for problem/policy resolution

Data Stewards

In UDW+ there is a Data Steward for each subject area to:

  • Certify data reposited in the warehouse
  • Certify standard reports and dashboards
  • Oversee the resolution of data errors
  • Oversee implementation of user-access policies
  • Participate in establishing common definitions
  • Assist in collecting and recording metadata
  • Establish and manage policy for record retention and archiving

Data Custodians

For UDW+ they:

  • Establish and maintain the underlying technology infrastructure
  • Ensure the accurate transfer of data into UDW+ using automated validation and error management processes
  • Perform activities required to keep the data intact and available to users.
  • Collaborate with Decision Support Group and the Data Stewards to implement data transformations, resolve data issues, and manage system changes

Chief Data Management Officer

These activities include:

  • Working with Data Stewards to develop common definitions
  • Defining official University metrics calculations
  • Working with the Committee on Institutional Data Policy in establishing data policies and procedures

Data Management Process

Users contribute to the ongoing management of UDW+ data by reporting data inconsistencies to the Decision Support Group. The Decision Support Group works with the Data Stewards, Subject Matter Experts and UDW+ team to resolve these problems.

As new Subject Areas continue to be developed within UDW+, a similar approach will be followed whereby Subject Matter Experts, Data Stewards, Data Trustees and Data Custodians will be identified and actively engaged in validating and certifying data.

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