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Data Management

What is Data Management?

Data management includes all the policies and practices that ensure UDW+ provides the university community with accurate and consistent information while protecting data security and confidentiality. Establishing systematic data management has been one of the principal objectives of the UDW+ program.

The key goals of establishing NYU's Data Management Infrastructure include the following:

  • University Data Management Policy
  • Common definitions and metadata to facilitate efficient and accurate use by the reporting community. The components of UDW+ metadata include:
    • Common definitions to control inconsistent reporting
    • A data dictionary of all UDW+ data elements
    • For ad hoc reporting, mouse-over access to the definition of individual data elements
    • Relevant information about the data, definitions, available drills, use notes and target audience for all dashboard pages and reports
    • Technical metadata documenting the derivation of reporting data from source systems
  • Governance structure and process for data validation, data and content certification, and metadata.
  • Data management practices that ensure the ongoing integrity of UDW+ data and support the certification of published content. Data management practices include the following:
    • Data and content validation
    • Ongoing certification of data and standard reports
    • Business process validation
    • Error management
    • Metadata management
    • Security and access management

Data Available in UDW+

Financial Reporting & Analytics The first project of the UDW+ Program focused on improving financial reporting and analytics by providing more intuitive and flexible access to financial data.
Departmental Metrics

The Departmental Metrics Dashboard compiles data on faculty, sponsored research activity, student enrollment and instruction, for department chairs, deans, and university leadership. The metrics include research indicators identified by the Provost's Council on Science and Technology as "Principal Markers of Success: Priority Academic Metrics for Assessing Science and Engineering at New York University."

These include information on the department's faculty and research staff, faculty achievements, proposal submissions, grants and students, as well as external comparative metrics.

Data Trustees, Data Stewards and Data Custodians have been or will be actively engaged in these subject areas and will continue to work with the Decision Support Group and UDW+ team in certifying and validating data.

Gaining access to UDW+

Financial Reporting & Analytics Access to Financial Reporting Dashboards and Standard Reports are governed by chartfield access. Training is mandatory. For more information, contact the Decision Support Group.
Departmental Metrics Access to Departmental Metrics is governed by the reporting department and follows a specialized access process. For additional information, contact the Decision Support Group.
Student Access policy is under development. Currently, data can be viewed for all schools.
Human Resources
Access policy is under development.

Policy on Responsible Use of
NYU Computers and Data

This policy applies to members of the University community and affiliates who use NYU’s computer and data resources and/or who have access to sensitive data stored on these resources.

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Policy on
Data and Computer Security

Security and compliance are ongoing, mission-critical business processes of the University and should be viewed as an integral part of everyone's obligations.

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Reference for
Data and System Classification

This classification is applicable to a wide variety of IT resources which are connected to NYU-NET or are used for any NYU business purpose.

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