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University Data Warehouse Plus


Program Overview

The University Data Warehouse Plus (UDW+) is gradually replacing the former University Data Warehouse. Established as a Program, UDW+ continues to evolve and grow through:

  • Rebuilding existing University Data Warehouse architecture for more intuitive and integrated access to University data.
  • Decision Support Services around reporting and analytics.
  • Formalizing Data Management Policies and Practices that ensure integrity and accessibility.
  • Building a detailed and well executed ongoing internal Training Program.

The Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) is gradually replacing the Brio reporting tool. OBIEE is a reporting tool that pulls data from UDW+ to deliver a full range of reporting and analytical capabilities, including interactive dashboards, full ad hoc report capabilities, and alerts.

UDW+ Architecture Overview

UDW+ Architecture Overview

UDW+ stores major components of financial, student, HR, and research data. The UDW+ Program will continue to expand to include other areas.  From the initial planning phases of the project to the design, requirements, and functionality of the new interactive dashboards, administrators, staff, department heads, and faculty from across NYU are collaborating to ensure the University will have timely access to accurate and integrated information for making critical decisions.

Currently available through UDW+:

The first project of the UDW+ Program is Financial Reporting and Analytics. One of the primary goals of the UDW+ program is improving financial reporting and analytics by providing more intuitive and flexible access to financial data. This project has impacted the entire financial reporting community, as Brio will eventually be replaced by UDW+. Deans, department heads, principal investigators, grant administrators, fiscal officers, executive leadership, and many others collaborated to design a variety of financial dashboards and reports tailored to meet the needs and requirements of groups throughout the University. ITS then developed and incorporated them into the new service.

To address specific needs of a school/division, advanced financial reporting users have the ability to create and share custom ad hoc reports. Ad hoc reports can be created with basic and complex analysis, adding graphs, formatting reports, as well as other advanced functions of the reporting tool.

To ensure continued improvements, the financial reporting and analytical capabilities are enhanced on a quarterly basis.

To gain access to UDW+ Financial Reporting and Analytics...

The Departmental Metrics Dashboard compiles data on faculty, sponsored research activity, student enrollment and instruction, for department chairs, deans, and university leadership. The metrics include research indicators identified by the Provost's Council on Science and Technology as "Principal Markers of Success: Priority Academic Metrics for Assessing Science and Engineering at New York University."

The Departmental Metrics Dashboard was originally created for selected academic departments identified by the Provost's Council on Science and Technology, and included information on the department's faculty and research staff, faculty achievements, proposal submissions, grants and students, as well as external comparative metrics.

Due to popular demand, the Departmental Metrics Dashboard has been expanded and made available to all departments. With the expanding use of the Departmental Metrics Dashboard, additional pages have been added to provide information on doctoral time-to-degree, class enrollment, program enrollment trends, department course instructors, and technology enhanced education. 

The Departmental Metrics Dashboard will continue to evolve based on feedback from Deans and Department Chairs.

To gain access to UDW+ Departmental Metrics...

The UDW+ HR Reporting and Analytics project provisions HR data around people, positions, labor distribution, and payroll salary expenses. The development of new HR reporting content at NYU was a collaborative effort between PeopleSync and UDW+. Whereas PeopleSync is used for operational HR reporting, the focus of UDW+ development is centered around analytical and cross-functional reporting.

The UDW+ HR Administration Dashboard provides Human Resources Officers and Fiscal Officers with key information related to positions, compensation and costing allocations. The Dashboard sources data from PeopleSync, fame and legacy HRIS systems.

To gain access to UDW+ HR Reporting and Analytics...

The addition of student data to UDW+ began in Spring 2014. The goal of the UDW+ Student Reporting and Analytics is to provide a comprehensive source of data about students and instructional activity that is accurate, documented, user-friendly and integrated with financial and human resources data.

Until now, the Departmental Metrics Dashboard provided deans and department chairs with summary analytics describing the students in their programs, enrollment in their courses, and doctoral time to degree. We have also expanded and enhanced the Departmental Metrics Dashboard with program enrollment trends, department course instructors page, and technology enhanced education information.

The current Brio student dashboard is being gradually replaced with a more robust, interactive and graphic UDW+ Student Academic Management Dashboard. Starting in December 2014, the Core user group has been charged with identifying and fixing data issues (within the source, Campus Solutions). In February 2015, the Beta user group was engaged with the focus of providing feedback, prototyping and refining the UDW+ Student Academic Management Dashboard. A larger UDW+ Student rollout begun in Fall 2015. Currently, the UDW+ team is working with designated UDW+ Student Change Management Liaisons from each school to plan and execute the UDW+ Student rollout for their school, disseminate all UDW+ Student related information to their schools' users, and ensure training and access compliance.

The subject areas that are currently available in UDW+ include Term Registration, Class Enrollment, Degrees (conferred), Test Scores, Class Meeting Pattern and Registration Pipeline.

The Brio Student Reporting Dashboard will no longer be available after November 30th, 2016. All users of this dashboard should transition to the UDW+ Student Academic Management Dashboard. To gain access to UDW+ Student Records Reporting and Analytics...

Here's what some of the
UDW+ users are saying:

“This is the holy grail!”

“In the time it takes you to read this email, your UDW+ report would have displayed results.”

“This is wonderful... this is outstanding... this is what we use to spend days and days trying to figure out!”

“I love the dashboards, I love the ad hoc reports, its soooo easy. I’m never going back to Brio.”  

“I can leave each day and not feel like there’s so much  I couldn't accomplish. I feel so much more productive!”

"This gives me 99% of what I need."

How to get access to UDW+

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