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NYU Lose Smart Challenge

Update: The NYU Lose Smart Challenge regularly scheduled for the spring semester will be postponed following the recent closure of David Barton Gym, our health club sponsor for weigh-ins, training sessions, and prizes. The contest will resume once a new health club partner is identified. Thank you for your understanding. – LiveSmart

Lose Smart

Prizes, Fun, and Fitness

The Results Are In!

NYU Lose Smart is a six-week long weight-loss challenge offered through NYU’s LiveSmart wellness program. Similar to NBC’s Biggest Loser, the contest helps motivate and encourage participants to achieve their weight loss goals with the support of colleagues. This year, 394 members of the NYU community participated, 70 more than last year.

Two Grand Prize awardees – one male and one female winner – each receive a fitness wristband for losing the highest percentage of original weigh-in weight. The Top Ten overall winners receive an Aramark gift voucher for a healthy lunch or dinner on campus.

And the Top Ten winning "losers" are:

  • 10. Cynthia S.
  • 9. Michael J.
  • 8. Eimmy S.
  • 7. Paul B.
  • 6. Pamela K.
  • 5. Kerri C.
  • 4. Skye W.
  • 3. Ian H.
  • 2. Ian B. (male Grand Prize winner)
  • 1. Ambrose O. (female Grand Prize winner)

Congratulations Ambrose, Ian, and all! Please watch for upcoming LiveSmart wellness activities, health screenings, and collegial challenges.


2016 Challenge Registration and Requirements

  • Register for LVS 318 on NYUiLearn by Tuesday, February 2. Registrants receive one free personal training session and free February 2016 membership to DavidBartonGym (if not currently an active member).
  • Weigh-in each Thursday beginning with the initial February 4 weigh-in through March 17 at DavidBartonGym Astor Place from 12:30 to 2:30 pm. You must weigh-in a minimum of five weeks, not including the initial weigh-in. You need not be a member of DavidBartonGym to weigh-in or participate in the contest.

The grand prize winners of the Lose Smart Challenge will be the registered participants who lose the highest percentage of their original weigh-in weight between February 4 and March 17, 2016. You must attend the initial weigh-in on February 4 to be eligible for the grand prize. In case of a tie, the person who has lost the most weight will be deemed the winner. One grand prize, a fitness wristband, will be awarded to the top male and the top female participants. Weekly prizes, provided by DavidBartonGym, will be awarded to the participant who loses the highest percentage of weight for that week. You must have a weigh-in the prior week to qualify for the weekly prize. Only one weigh-in per week is permitted.

Lose Smart

Comments from Participants

Dear LiveSmart,

Thanks so much! I can't believe that I made the Top Ten! I've taken part in the "Lose Smart" Challenge for the past few years, but this was by far the best one.

Dear LiveSmart,

Thank you very much for organizing this challenge. I really appreciated the program, especially the partnership with DavidBartonGym. Because of this challenge and the free month membership, I became a member and am very excited about the classes and training sessions I've done there. And even though I didn't lose as much weight as I had hoped, I did get healthier, stronger and fitter as a result of this challenge.

Dear LiveSmart,

I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you. I never once made the Top Ten Weekly list, nor am I in the running for any accolades. However, the challenge gave me much more… during the eight weeks I dropped 4 sizes. Most important, I have made a life style change by going to the gym and making healthier food choices. I feel so much better and I owe it to the Livesmart program. Thank you, thank you, thank you. (Please keep up the good work!)

Dear LiveSmart,

Thanks so much for the Weight Loss Challenge program. Through it I was able to arrest winter weight gain and get a good start on Spring weight loss. The regular weigh-ins helped me stay on track on the weekends and I was even lucky enough to make the Top 10 list a couple of times. The social aspects of the program are terrific. It deepened my social connections with colleagues and gave me a reason to reach out whether to congratulate or make a walking date. Since my spouse and I both work here, it was a good opportunity to help each other in the same ways (and weighs!) :-) Thanks again!

Dear LiveSmart,

I am so excited to have lost so much weight between this year and last. Thank you for the opportunity!

Dear LiveSmart,

Thanks to one and all for organizing the spring weight-loss program. It was a great success, and I am glad to report that I reached my goal and have set new ones. I'm also happy to say that the program brought me together with three colleagues in Tisch Drama. We enjoyed cheering each other on, and will celebrate our successes together as a group. Again, many thanks.