Health Matters

Personalized Nutritional Counseling Sessions

Work one-on-one with NYU graduate students studying nutrition, food studies, and public health during three personalized nutritional counseling sessions. Participants and students under the supervision of their faculty member will collaborate to identify realistic goals and develop strategies to achieve them. Sessions are free and designed for students to practice and refine their counseling skills. To participate, please have a specific nutritional concern on which to focus. Register for LVS 345 on NYUiLearn.

Arrange a Walking Meeting at NYU

Meet much? Before scheduling that next meeting in your office or conference room, consider trading your shoes for sneakers and sitting for walking. Walking meetings allow for fresh air and perspective, exercise during the workday, and even cognitive advantages. Learn more about the advantages of walking meetings at NYU.

Take That Lunch Break, NYU!

Many higher education professionals today envision lunch as another seemingly impossible task to fit into the middle of the hectic workday. Although skipping lunch may seem like an efficient use of time, a mid-day break can be mentally and physically rejuvenating and, in some ways, more productive than staying in your chair. To explore ways to recharge your energy mid-day, NYU LiveSmart recommends the following readings for more information on taking your lunch break:

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