Information and Referral Services

A variety of information and referral programs are available to help NYU faculty and staff to identify and evaluate dependent care options, understand policies, and promote your health and sense of well-being.

Note: This listing provides policy highlights only and other rules may apply. For a complete description of the benefits, please consult the office or website identified.

Child and Adult Care Consultation & Referral

For Faculty, Administrators, and Staff
Carebridge Life Resources
Phone: 800-437-0911 (User Id: FTN59)

Information, consultation and referral services are available on parenting, child care, and eldercare issues. Parents or parents-to-be receive support on adoption consultation and referral, child care options (birth through school-age), school choice (pre-k through college), and post-college options. Individuals concerned about their adult dependents receive support on long distance care giving, housing options, legal issues, nursing homes, local resources, and more. On-line resources and a lending library are also available.

Back-up Child and Adult Care

For Faculty, Administrators, Professional Research Staff
Caregivers On Call
Phone: 888-899-2462

Subsidized in-home backup care for children ages 6 months through 12 years and adult dependents (spouse, registered domestic partner, parent, parent-in-law, or grandparent). Up to 50 hours per calendar year is subsidized by the University at a rate of 75% of the per hour cost of care. Care is available nationwide. Pre-registration is required. The detailed program guide and application are available here. Submit your completed form by email, or mail, NYU Human Resources, LiveSmart, 105 East 17 Street, New York.

Child Care and School Admission Counseling

For all Faculty
Phone: 800-437-0911 (Carebridge Life Resources)

Individual and small groups meeting and general information is available on local early childhood education and public and private schools from Pre-K to high school. Priority spaces and tuition discounts are available in several neighborhood programs.

Consultation on Maternity / Child Care Leaves

For all Faculty and Staff
Human Resources Officer or HR Business Partner

Written information and one-on-one meetings are available on NYU leave policies and how to prepare for the arrival of a new child.

Educational Programming

LiveSmart Education
For all Faculty and Staff
Benefits Office
Phone: (212) 992-8270

Single and multi-session educational programming offers information and support on wide range of topics, including health and well-being, elder caregiving, child care, and parenting.. Health screenings and other financial and health programs are also available. Watch your email or check out HR website for monthly LiveSmart program announcements.

Employee Assistance Program

Carebridge Life Resources
For all Faculty and Staff
Phone: 800-437-0911

Counseling and referral services are available on a wide range of work, personal and family issues. Educational programs are offered through the LiveSmart program.