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Middle Schools

Middle schools come in all shapes and sizes: some are small in size with fewer than 400 students; others are larger with as many as 1,200 students. Some schools are housed in larger school buildings and are one of several programs which can include elementary schools, other middle schools, and high schools.

Middle schools typically house and enroll students in 6-8th grade only. A handful of schools enroll students in 6-12th grade, and one school on the Upper West Side offers a successful program educating students in 5th to 8th grade.

Middle School applicants may be eligible to apply to a wider range of middle school options both within their district and outside of their district.

  • Families are encouraged to begin your search by evaluating the options in the school district in which your child is currently enrolled.
  • If your child attends a district other than the one in which you live, be sure to understand the process to apply for or register your child in a school in your home district.
  • Several School Districts in the City, including District 2, the district in which New York University is located, manage a school choice for current residents seeking middle school admissions. The middle school choice process in Manhattan's District 2 and District 3, as well as District 15 in Brooklyn, begins early in the Fall of the 5th grade; only current residents are eligible to participate.
  • In those districts with school choice, each school has their own unique admission process. Some schools meet with student candidates and administer school specific assessment tests while others accept students based on a review of the students records (attendance, test scores, grades) only.
  • Charter schools continue to be an option in middle school. A directory of schools is available from the NYC Charter School Center.


NYC bus and metro cards may be available for students as they travel to and from school. Availability is dependent upon the distance between their home and school. For more information, see the Department of Education website.