The Application Timeline

Remember, the admissions process (list development, applications, tours, interviews, and assessment) occurs during the Fall of the year before you are seeking enrollment.


  • Meet with your child’s current school as appropriate and begin to compile a list of schools to consider applying.
  • Sign up for Spring tours that are offered by schools in which you are interested. Tours, if offered, are typically held during the months of April and May.


  • Continue to prepare for application process.
  • Review websites of interested schools to familiarize yourself with how and when to attain the application, schedule a tour, etc.
  • Begin to draft the application’s essays. This will serve as a template for all of your applications so you will want to take the time necessary to draft a thoughtful few paragraphs.


  • The day after Labor Day, contact or download applications to all of the schools you are applying.
  • Fill out applications and return them as soon as possible.
  • Consider applying for financial aid.
  • Schedule appointment to take the ISEE at the ERB office. Contact the ERB or schedule a date on-line. (Please note: This test can also be administered as early as April 1 of the year before you enroll your child and may only be taken once during the admissions cycle.)
  • Determine if you need to request a fee reduction for the ERB. If yes, you must apply for one in advance of scheduling a testing date. Fee reductions for the ISEE are available through a partnership of the ERB and ISAAGNY.
  • Review ISEE website to familiarize self with procedures and see sample questions. Consider buying a test prep book for a deeper review of materials.


  • Carefully track all deadlines.
  • Attend open houses, tour schools, school visits, and interviews.
  • Be sure that your application packet is complete including the test scores, school transcript, teachers’ letter of recommendation, the graded writing sample, if requested, and financial aid application, if applicable.


  • Watch the mail for Admission Notifications. See ISAAGNY for dates.
  • Consider scheduling a second visit for your child at 1-2 of the admitted schools.
  • If waitlisted, contact schools that you are still interested in gaining admission. Stay in touch as directed by school.
  • As soon as practicable, decline offers at any school where you received an admission offer, that you are no longer interested in attending.
  • Sign contract and pay deposit.