Parochial School Options

Some families may wish to consider a parochial or religiously affiliated school for their child. The number of denominational schools in New York City has continued to grow in recent years. Catholic, Jewish, and Muslim day schools are the most commonly requested. However, we recognize that there are additional denominational schools including Baptist, Christian, Episcopal, Presbyterian, and others available in NYC.

Search engines which are readily available on the Internet can help you find compiled lists of other religiously affiliated schools. Community members and the leader at your place of worship are other sources of referrals.

The resources identified below are intended to help you begin your search for a school.

Archdiocese of Brooklyn has information about the Catholic school curriculum and an on-line School Search for schools in Brooklyn and Queens.

Archdiocese of New York serves ten New York State counties (Bronx, Dutchess, Manhattan, Orange, Putnam, Rockland, Staten Island, Sullivan, Ulster, and Westchester) and you can search for schools by county, grade level, name or zip code through the website.

Islamic Schools League of America allows you to search for Islamic schools by state and includes 14 schools in New York City.

The Lookstein Center provides links to Jewish schools across the country.