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Back-up and Short-Term Care

Reliable care services are essential to manage your work and family responsibilities but even the best of plans is not fail-safe. And, every good care plan includes a contingency plan for just those occasions when your usual caregiver is unavailable or your child is mildly ill.

Sometimes it is preferable to stay home with your child or children. However, there are other times when you need to go into work, teach a class, or attend school. The following resources are designed to help you plan ahead for those occasions when your child is well enough to be left in the care of an alternate care provider.

Backup Child and Adult Care Program
provides subsidized backup care in your or your dependent's home. Care is available for use when you need to be at work and your usual child care is unavailable, your child or adult dependent is mildly ill, or your work schedule changes unexpectedly.

Pre-registered full-time Faculty, Administrators, and Professional Research Staff can use up to 50 hours per calendar year. The University pays 75% of the cost for the care, and the employee pays the remaining 25%. Care is available nationwide and can be utilized for conference attendance.

The program description and registration forms are available here. Submit your completed form by email, or intercampus mail to NYU Human Resources, LiveSmart, 105 East 17th Street, NYC.

Carebridge Life Resources
provides consultation and referral on all forms of child and adult care, including back-up services. Call the information hotline 24/7 at 800-438-0911.

NYU's Wasserman Center for Career Development
serves as an employment search engine for NYU students. Families can post babysitting positions for NYU students as well as students from other nearby colleges. For information on how to do that, click here (PDF).

Sitters Studio
Founded in 2006, Artsitter® Childcare offers a blend of art and childcare.

Pinch Sitters
Provides care to children throughout the five boroughs of NYC.

Barnard Babysitting Agency
A well-established student enterprise that accepts job postings for day and evening, short and long-term babysitting positions.

The Babysitters' Guild
Provides care to children and adult dependents in the NYC metropolitan area.

Several web-based referral services that connect families and care providers for the care of children and adult dependents locally and across the country.