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OLD HR @ Your Service

Our Mission and Values

Create a work environment and build a workforce that elevates the University and enables all who research, teach, and work at NYU to achieve more than they can at any other university.

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Core Values


Uphold superior ethical standards by promoting accountability, fairness, honor, transparency, and trust.

Respect for the Individual

Interact with all persons openly, equally, and fairly with dignity and with consideration for individual differences. Recognize multiple valid perspectives. Assume positive intent. Commit to honest self-evaluation. Communicate with transparency and empathy.

Service Excellence

Serve internal and external customers accurately, competently, efficiently, and in a timely manner. Anticipate needs. Seek to provide complete solutions that extend beyond the customer’s stated request. Communicate with transparency and empathy.

Continuous Improvement

Challenge the status quo. Collectively and as individuals seek to innovate, learn, and improve our services, processes, practices, and knowledge. Assess and evaluate our progress. Take informed risks.


Collaborate and communicate. Respect, recognize, and leverage the knowledge and strengths of others. Operate and communicate with an enterprise-wide view, regardless of functional reporting relationships. Understand, anticipate, respond to, and support the professional and personal needs of our stakeholders. Promote community and collegiality.


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CMS training and tests 4/15/15

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Fall 2013 Professional Development Opportunities
Now Available on NYUiLearn

To view a list of new online and classroom programs offered by Talent, Learning, and Organizational Development, click here (PDF). Login to NYUiLearn via NYUHome to view the full catalog of opportunities.

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The Work Number
Verification of Employment and Salary

The Work Number®, an independent service, provides a secure way for current and former employees (up to three years after separation) to authorize third party verifiers (like lenders, landlords, and social service agencies) to confirm their NYU employment and salary information. Call 800-996-7566 or

Visit The Work Number Website...

If an individual has been separated from the University for more than three years, request written authorization to verify employment by completing the Employee Request for Verification of Employment Form. User Tips:
NYU Company Code: 10617
User ID: Your full Social Security Number
Pin: When you first login to the site, you are asked for a Pin number. The default Pin number is the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number, your 2 digit birth month, and the last 2 digits of your birth year (XXXXMMYY). Once you enter these numbers, you will be prompted to change your password.

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Presenting Summer Wellness Resources

NYU LiveSmart: healthy habits and fiscal fitness.
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NYU Hurricane Sandy
Volunteer Leave

Full-time employees can take paid leaves-of-absence for a total of up to 15 work days to volunteer their time to recognized organizations addressing the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

Learn more...

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