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Professional Development

NYU's Professional Development Programs help you build new knowledge and skills to succeed in your current role and advance in your career at NYU.

NYU provides numerous opportunities for employees to receive professional development. To be most effective, follow the 70-20-10 formula when planning how to develop new work-related skills and abilities:

70% On-the-Job Experiences:

Seek out and take on more challenging assignments and work. This may involve volunteering for a project in your department or a University-wide committee. Or it may mean looking for opportunities within your current role to improve processes and technology.

20% Coaching and Feedback:

Each year, your supervisor provides you with feedback through a formal performance appraisal. But receiving feedback on your work shouldn't be a once-a-year event. As you work on the many challenging assignments NYU has to offer, seek informal feedback from your colleagues and your manager on what you're doing well that you should keep on doing and where you can improve. Armed with this insight, you can then decide where to focus your professional development efforts -- where you have a strength that you should try to use as often as possible and where you have a development need that you may need to address.

10% Formal Training:

Throughout the year, the Office of Talent, Learning & Organizational Development offers workshops designed to enhance the skills of support staff, administrators, and management staff.  Some of these programs are provided on an open-enrollment basis to all employees across the University, and some are offered online. Login to iLearn via NYUHome for a listing of courses you may have been assigned to complete or to scroll through the catalog of courses you may want to enroll in. The Office of Talent, Learning & Organizational Development also provides customized services, working with individual departments and units to help them identify and address training needs that are specific to the unit.

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