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Resumes & Interviewing

Internal job searches are not very different from external searches. To be a successful applicant for any job you must present yourself in the best possible light. In essence you are "marketing" yourself as the right candidate for the position.

Resumes and Cover Letters

Resumes and cover letters tell a potential employer a great deal about you. A well-written resume can help you make the right first impression and land you an interview. Including a cover letter gives you an extra opportunity to promote your candidacy. In addition to the tips below, enroll in the 16-minute online course Successful Cover Letters (CAR 003) and/or the 20-minute online course Outstanding Resumes (CAR 001). Both courses may be found on NYUiLearn.  

  • Cover letters should be very short and make three points:
  • Introduce you as an applicant for the job
  • State why you would be a good candidate
  • Indicate your interest in interviewing for the position
  • Tailor your cover letter to fit each position
  • Use standard business letter format

  • Keep your resume short; one or two page is usually the best length
  • Use a simple, easy to read format
  • Have someone proof-read your resume for clarity and to catch errors
  • Include both your educational and professional histories but leave out extraneous personal information
  • Use plain language and action verbs to describe your skills and responsibilities (e.g. implement, process, write, coordinate)
  • Where possible, list key accomplishments and measurable results you achieved


An interview is a mutual exchange of information between you and a potential employer. The interview is your opportunity to shine and to demonstrate to the interviewer that you are the best applicant for the position because you have something special to contribute. In addition to the tips below, learn how to put your best foot forward during a job interview in the 23-minute NYUiLearn online course Exceptional Interviewing (CAR 002).

NYU is committed to the growth and development of its employees. We're delighted that you're taking the step to explore additional roles within the University as part of your career journey here. If you are selected for an interview, we want to make sure you are prepared. Here are some tips:

> Above all, take your interview seriously. Remember that there will be other individuals interviewing from within and outside of the University and they are your competition. Put your best foot forward. This includes:

  • Dress professionally, even if you are coming from your current role at NYU that is more casual in nature.
  • Do your research. On the NYU website or other sources, read up about the school or unit you are applying to, as well as the position you're interviewing for.

> Find out about the top priorities and projects happening in the school or unit and be prepared to answer questions about how you can apply your skills to assist with these initiatives.

> Complete the 23-minute online training Exceptional Interviewing (CAR 002) for tips on how to respond to particular types of questions. Review the resources attached to that course, which include typical questions interviewers ask and good questions for you to ask when it's your turn for questions.

> Use your internal NYU network to find out what you can about the people you will be interviewing with and what is important to them. Google the interviewer to find out who or what you might know in common (other candidates for this position are probably doing this, too).

> Send a thank you note within 24 hours after the interview.

Good luck!

Professional Reputation

Every day you go to work, you contribute to your professional reputation. A potential employer will look at your current work habits carefully. He or she may examine the quality and quantity of your work, attendance and punctuality, and your professional relationships with supervisors and co-workers. Use each day at work as an opportunity to develop a positive professional profile.

Resumes & Interviewing
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