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Getting Started

Getting Started


Before you make a decision to explore career choices, or begin a job search, it is important that you take an inventory of your skills and abilities, and determine the kind of work that you will find rewarding.

The way to accomplish this is to undergo a process called self-assessment. Self-assessment helps you explore your interests, values and work-related preferences.

Some of the important questions that you explore as part of your self-assessment include:

  • What are my strengths as an employee?
  • Which of my work related skills need further development?
  • What is my ideal work environment -- one in which I can do my best work?
  • Do any of my outside interests provide clues to a new career direction?
  • What kind of rewards -- tangible and intangible --do I want from my work?

Getting Help with Self-Assessment

Self-assessment can be a difficult process. You may want to talk with a professional who can help you to objectively focus on the important issues and difficult choices.

The University offers help in self-assessment through tuition remission eligible courses in the School of Continuing And Professional Studies' Center for Career, Education and Life Planning. The Center also offers individual career counseling and testing at a reasonable fee (see Resources section).

Strengthening Your Skills

Once you have completed a self-assessment, you will have a better idea of what opportunities you want to pursue and what you need to do to improve your chances of success.

You may then avail yourself of the many opportunities at NYU to enhance your skills. The University offers career-oriented degree programs, seminars, workshops, certificate programs and classes that can help you build your job skills and career (see Resources section).

You can take advantage of opportunities to:

  • Achieve computer literacy
  • Improve writing skills
  • Learn another language
  • Earn a degree ... and more
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