In early May 2018, New York University will update its retirement program to enhance and simplify your retirement planning experience. The NYU Retirement Plan for Members of the Faculty, Professional Research Staff, and Administration will be the sole plan for all future contributions. In addition, TIAA will be the single recordkeeper for the program, providing improved technology and administrative services to NYU participants. This will allow you to manage your retirement accounts in one convenient place.

What is staying the same?

  • NYU will continue to provide eligible NYU Retirement Plan participants with a non-elective (non-matching) contribution of 5% of base salary and a matching contribution of up to 5% of base salary.
  • You will continue to have access to all current investment options from both TIAA and Vanguard.

What is changing?

  • You will make all future contributions to the NYU Retirement Plan, including employee contributions above 5% of pay. Prospectively, the Supplemental Tax-Deferred Annuity (STDA) Plan will no longer be open for contributions. Existing STDA Plan assets will remain in the STDA Plan and will continue to be invested as designated by the employee.
  • The NYU Retirement Plan will be updated to include an expansion of eligible compensation for calculating employee contributions, a new loan program, and the ability to take in-service withdrawals and to roll over and/or transfer money into the plan.
  • You will elect and manage your retirement plans in one location – the TIAA online system via NYUHome – regardless of whether your assets are held in TIAA or Vanguard.
  • New share classes for Vanguard funds will reduce fees for many investments.
  • TIAA will offer expanded customer support and will be equipped to answer questions about all NYU retirement investments (both TIAA and Vanguard).
  • New hires will be auto-enrolled in the Retirement Plan at an employee contribution rate of 5% of pay.

Read the new Summary Plan Description (PDF).

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Login to NYUHome and select Go on the NYU Retirement Plans card or to manage your employee contribution amount, investments, and beneficiary information. If you need help accessing or navigating the retirement site, contact the NYU Retirement Plans Helpline at 844-NYU-TIAA (844-698-8422).

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