Decision Support Tools

Your decision about whether or not to choose the HDHP with HSA option will be easier using the tools provided. The Decision Support Tools available through the Benefits Resource Center will help you determine whether the new option is right for you and your family. During Annual Enrollment, you will have these four tools at your disposal:

  • Medical Cost Calculator — What will my costs be for each medical plan?
  • Preference Module — Which medical plan best meets my priorities?
  • Comparison Module — How do medical benefits vary by plan?
  • Savings Account Estimator — How much should I contribute to minimize my taxes?

    To get the most out of these tools, it is best to prepare some information ahead of time. It is recommended you start with the Medical Cost Calculator and then move on to the other tools. The Medical Cost Calculator helps you assess how your potential out-of-pocket medical expenses, including premiums you pay out of your paycheck for coverage, may vary by each of your medical plan choices.

    Consider your usage and any expected health care needs for the coming year to help you make the best cost comparison!

Tip: View the HDHP with HSA Video

Click the image below to launch the HDHP with HSA video, featuring full Plan details. The entire video is less than 30 minutes, or may be viewed by short chapters if you wish to skip to review a specific section.

Tip: Estimating Your Usage

To estimate your usage when the Decision Support Tools become available during Annual Enrollment, you will be asked questions about the number of times you expect to incur charges for services such as:

Office Visit Emergency Room Visit
Specialist Visit Outpatient Surgery
X-Rays Prescription Drugs
Lab Work Preventive Services