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Mission Statement

The NYU Council for the Study of Disability was founded in 2007 with funding from the Provost’s Office and several deans. The Council welcomes participants from the faculty and student body across all of the schools and departments at NYU. Currently, active members come from Steinhardt, Tisch, FAS, the Medical and Law Schools. Our goals include:

• to identify and build the NYU community of those whose teaching and research address issues of disability;

• to increase the awareness of disability on campus through the development of courses and public events with scholars, activists, artists, and filmmakers whose work is on the cutting edge of disability studies;

• to make the campus a more disability-friendly environment in terms of the built environment and availability of supports for students and faculty with disabilities;

• to collaborate with organizations and initiatives in New York City and beyond such as the Annual NY Reelabilities Disabilities Film Festival; and the Cooke Center Academy SKILLS Transition Program for young adults with learning disabilities which was incubated at NYU from 2009-11.