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Student Handbook

Front Page

A Welcome from the Dean

Mission Statement

NYU College of Dentistry - Administrative Directory

Academic Calendar

Student Life at the New York University
College of Dentistry

    - Enrollment Services
    - Student Registration
    - Certificate of Enrollment
    - Housing
    - Health Services and Insurance
    - Mandatory Health and
      Immunization Requirements

    - Finances
    - Student Activities and Government
    - Student Communication
    - Room Reservations

Research Opportunities at the College of Dentistry

New York University College of Dentistry Code
of Ethics and Professional Conduct

Peer Review Board

New York University College
of Dentistry Policy Statement on Privacy,
Information Security, and Confidentiality

Building Flowcharts of NYUCD
    - Building Directory - Schwartz Building
    - Building Directory - Weissman Building
    - Building Program Directory
NYU Nonacademic Policies
    - Policy on Bloodborne Pathogens
    - Policy on HIV/AIDS
    - Smoke-Free Indoor Air Policy
    - Student Dress Code
    - Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
    - Policy on Sexual Harassment
    - Policy on Use of Alcohol and Substance Abuse
    - Policy on Equal Opportunity
    - Complaint Policy of the Commission on
      Dental Accreditation
    - University Student Grievance Procedure

NYU Resources and Facilities

Academic Programs
    - D.D.S. Program
           Academic Standards and Policies
    - Dental Hygiene Program
           Academic Standards and Policies
    - Advanced Education Programs
           Academic Standards and Policies:
           Guidelines for Academic Progress, Promotion,
           and Graduation
    - Graduate Programs
         * Master of Science Program in Clinical
           Research/Ph.D. Program in Epidemiology
         * Master of Science Program in
           Biology/Oral Biology
         * Master of Science Program in Biomaterials

Map of the Washington Square Campus