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XII. Submission of Research Documents

A. Purpose
The Principal Investigator is ultimately responsible for timely submission of all IRB-associated documents before the IRB deadline. For the NYU Office of Sponsored Programs IRB, a summary is provided:

  • 1 original fully completed application
  • 19 copies of Application for Review by the Human Subjects Committee (Appendix 4)
  • 19 copies of consent form
  • 19 copies of the protocol
  • 19 copies of advertisements

For the NYU School of Medicine IRB, a summary is provided:

  • 13 copies of protocol review form
  • 13 copies of consent form
  • 13 copies of advertisements
  • 13 copies of the protocol
  • 7 copies of the investigator brochure for an industry-funded study
  • 5 copies of amendments

NOTE: all submissions to the NYU School of Medicine IRB must be made on 3-hole punched paper.

B. Process The Principal Investigator and/or their staff are responsible for preparing the requisite number of IRB documents for timely submission to the IRB. A final copy of all IRB-associated documents must also be submitted to the NYUCD Office of Research at the time of IRB submission.

OSP IRB Applications
Human Subjects Review Dates. View dates:

Copy requirements Frequently Asked Questions:

IRB submission checklist: University Committee on Activities involving Human Subjects Checklist (Appendix 19). Retrieve form:

NYUSM IRB Applications
IRB submission deadlines. View dates:

For copy requirements:

IRB submission checklist: Protocol Review Criteria Master Checklist (Appendix 20). Retrieve form: