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Research Opportunities

Some students with previous research experience, obtained as an undergraduate or graduate student, may wish to extend or diversify their research activities while at the College of Dentistry. Others with no prior experience might want to get involved in research for possible incorporation into future professional plans. In either case, opportunities exist for student participation in research during the course of the academic year and/or during the summer recess. Apart from the intellectual challenge and gratification it provides and the opportunity for collaborative interaction with members of the faculty, research activity as part of one's professional background is helpful when applying for a residency.

Annual Research Day and Student Table Clinic Competition
The Annual Research Day and the Student Table Clinic Competition is an excellent vehicle for students wishing to enrich their educational experience at the College of Dentistry by undertaking some kind of special project or research related to dentistry. The term "table clinic" refers to the form of presentation of such projects, i.e., as an informal demonstration assembled on top of a table.The projects may involve research in the basic, clinical, or behavioral sciences or the development or evaluation of a clinical procedure, material, or device. The annual program culminates in the late winter or early spring by providing an opportunity for students to present their completed projects to interested members of the College of Dentistry community. Those students judged to have outstanding presentations receive cash awards generously provided by the American Dental Association in conjunction with the Dentsply Corporation, the Office of Research, and the Omega Chapter of Omicron Kappa Upsilon. Students also are given the opportunity to represent NYUCD in table clinic programs at regional and national meetings including the Greater New York Dental Meeting in the fall and the annual session of the American Dental Association. The most common problem for students interested in pursuing this valuable professional experience is "What topic shall I choose for my project?". Generally, students first explore the Office of Research Web site ( and peruse the list of faculty researchers and their research interests listed under Faculty Research. The Web site is linked to the faculty member's publications via PubMed, thus enabling students to become familiar with the faculty member's research. Once students find a research topic that interests them, they can consult with potential mentors about possible projects. Students may also suggest a topic to a faculty sponsor. Students should be sure to attend the introductory meeting of the NYUCD Chapter of the National Student Research Group (SRG) of the American Association of Dental Research, which is held each fall.

Research Funding
The Office of Research provides information on research opportunities available within and outside the University for interested faculty and qualified students. Researchmotivated students, in good academic standing,may obtain information from this office on opportunities to work on a research project under the supervision of a faculty member, for which they receive modest support. Such research efforts may qualify the student for an American Association for Dental Research Award and other awards presented on Research Day. The Dean's Student Research Award is one of several internal mechanisms to support student research. Check the Office of Research Web site: for details, or contact Dr. Louis Terracio at .

Honors in Research
This non-credit course is designed to provide incoming freshmen with the opportunity to participate in a research project being conducted at NYUCD during an 8-week summer program (Calendar). Some of the topics covered as lectures include introductions to clinical and basic research, lab safety, bioethics, animal issues, and career opportunities. This program is the optional first part of the six-credit Honors in Research course for D1 students held in the Spring of the first year. Students may apply for a Dean's Summer Award for support (Student Reseach Page). This program provides a rare opportunity for the motivated student to integrate themselves into the NYU CD research milieu and establish a close mentoring relationship with a faculty member. The deadline for applications for this program is March 13th and can be accessed at