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Review Process for the College of Dentistry and College of Nursing Faculty and Students for Human Subjects Applications Submitted to Washington Square IRB

Research involving human subjects requires oversight by an Institutional Review Board as defined by Federal Regulations. Research involving human subjects that is conducted in a "covered institution", an institution that uses electronic billing to credit cards or insurance companies also requires oversight by a Privacy Board, as defined by Federal Regulations. For research involving human subjects, the College of Dentistry and College of Nursing are considered a hybrid institution; meaning that some types research require oversight by both an IRB and a privacy board, while other types of research only require oversight by an IRB. The School of Medicine (SOM) has a privacy board that fulfills the review requirements for research involving patient care at an NYU facility. For research that does not require a privacy board, the IRB at Washington Square is the appropriate oversight committee.

If your proposed research will involve use of patient charts, interactions with patients, or some combination, then the research requires review by the IRB at the SOM. If your research involves interviews or surveys that are not connected with patient records, or de-identified cases in the Orthodontics department, or will be conducted out of the country, then review should be conducted by the board at Washington Square. If you are unsure which is the appropriate board, please contact Dr. Jane McCutcheon (email address below).

Applications to Washington Square ( should be completed, reviewed and signed by the faculty sponsor if applicable.

Original, fully completed and typed Application for Review by investigators includes:

  • Investigator's signature;
  • Faculty sponsor's signature (if required);
  • All applicable attachments (recruitment materials, consent or permission forms, institutional approval letters, research instruments, sponsored project proposals and any other additional materials).

The signature page should be submitted as a .pdf file. The remainder of the application should be submitted as a Word document.

Completed signed applications should be submitted to Approval notifications, requests for additional information, and requests for changes will be sent by email to your NYU email account. For further information contact Dr. Jane McCutcheon at